Students with Masks

COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the midwest every day and Missouri Western is no exception. 

As of Sept. 15 at 4 p.m. the university has 17 active positive cases, with one of those cases on campus. There are 42 people who are in quarantine with 16 of them being on campus. The total number of people, students and employees, at Missouri Western who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 from July 8 to Sept. 15 is 102.

The Interim Dean for the College of Science and Health and COVID-19 Coordinator Crystal Harris said that she thinks the campus community is doing a great job at taking this situation seriously.

“I'm very pleased with what students are trying to do,” Harris said. “I know it's a challenge, and I'm really excited that people are taking a personal responsibility for the things that they can control, which I think is good.”

A few other universities have made announcements that they will be cancelling Spring Break due to the fact that they don’t want students to travel and risk bringing it back to campus. Harris said that this isn’t something that she would make a decision on, but she thinks they can’t decide on it yet.

“Right now, that's kind of early because we don't really know yet where we're going to be at. I know that,” Harris said. “I'd still be uncertain about where we're going to be at just because, I mean, there's talk that the vaccination might be ready, and I would like to think that we're going to be in a better place but it's too early to tell I think.”

Several students feel like they still haven’t been told everything that’s happening on campus, mainly due to the website not being updated 24/7. Harris said that because things are changing everyday, it’s difficult to get every update out, but they’re doing their best.

“It's a process of trying to get that information up,” Harris said. “But I would encourage people that if they have questions or concerns, to call me. I'll do my best to find out answers for them.”

St. Joseph Mayor Bill McMurray also signed an emergency order in the late morning on Sept. 15 stating that face coverings are required in most indoor areas, excluding residences, as long as 6-feet social distancing can’t be maintained. This order will become effective at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 17.

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