The editors of the Griffon News say farewell after the year.

Brett - If you take a look at my opinion piece posted about a month ago, you’d know that my semester has been rough. The room didn’t do any favors in that sense. But I had my dog, I had my friends and I had the newspaper to keep me sane. I’ll be back in college next semester, living off campus now for obvious reasons, but this semester truly was new. With the shortening of the semester, the cancellations of the spring sports, and the hell of a room I lived in, it was different. Goodbye spring of 2020. This year’s already off to a great start and here’s to hoping that the summer is way better. Oh, and I just got a new job so that’s pretty awesome, catch me on — just a little plug there.

Derek - Well, this has been wild. College is about the ups and downs, and I’ve definitely won and lost some over these four years. I believe I made a difference, even though some people may not see it. It’s hard to be seen, especially when you’re 5’6. This may be my farewell, but I’d like to take this time to highlight how important student media is. First of all we’re not fake. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be covering it. Don’t say it’s about money, because we chose this profession for a reason. Support the media like it supports and covers you. Give props where props are due. The media game can be very lonely when only you care. That’s all it takes, however. If just one of us cares about what we’re doing, that’s all the motivation we need. That’s what I’ve learned from my experience. It doesn’t matter if I’m broadcasting a game in front of the entire city or just a few parents back home watching their kids. Pick up the newspaper, check out the website, tune into our broadcasts and listen to us. We want to give you the news, bring you excitement and let your voices be heard.  Broadcasting, photograph, videography, writing, marketing; we learn all of these skills to help do just that — be a voice. Now please help us be seen. 

Parker - Heading into this school year I had no idea what to expect. I am incredibly proud of everyone who worked with us this year to accomplish everything we did. It wasn't easy. We endured many late nights. Back in the fall the news desk lost all of our staffers before October. I’m very grateful that Kathleen let us borrow lifestyles staffers. We wouldn’t have been able to produce nearly as much content without them. In contrast to the fall we had a fantastic staff on our desk this semester and our team couldn’t have been any stronger. Over the year our desk had amazing stories written by Rylan McClurg, Josh Pohl, Ryleigh Reagan, Avery Corkins and Austin Hoverder, and I couldn’t be more proud of all of them. They constantly created great content and I knew they wouldn’t let me down. This has been my third semester with Griffon News and by far the best one yet thanks to our fantastic staff and strong editor team.

The fall was a rough time for me personally, in October it felt like my whole life was falling apart. Without these amazing people by my side, I never would've continued school or writing. I feel like working on this newspaper has really changed me for the better and helped me make some of the most worthwhile friendships in my life. I hope to continue working with what remains of our team in the fall as we say goodbye to our graduates. Huge thanks to everyone who made my life and the Griffon News so much better this year. My favorite part of Griffon News is when the Griffons get the news. 

Christian - When I first became co-news editor, I had never been a reporter. I spent the first two weeks certain I would have to leave in disgrace. Then, all three news desk staffers left before October. My co-editor Parker Williamson and I stayed afloat thanks to volunteers from the lifestyles desk. Austin Hoverder and Avery Corkins always rolled with the punches. Ryleigh Reagan killed it on both desks, so much so that she came back to the news desk in the spring.

I had so little time with my spring semester staff, but what they did in that time blew me out of the water. They came in from day one with unparalleled dedication and a willingness to learn. Josh Pohl and Rylan McClurg always went above and beyond and constantly saved my life. I could trust them all to handle difficult situations with important people and struggled to find stories I thought did THEM justice. I just wish I had a little more time to watch them grow.

Being part of the Griffon News has opened me up to so many opportunities I never could have imagined. I reported on a breaking car chase at the Chiefs Victory Parade, investigated a “cult” and presented in New York City during a pandemic. I spent more time in the newsroom this year than I spent at home and much more time with the staff than I did with my family. Not being able to spend the next month with this team is probably what hurts most of all, because they really are my family. I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye so soon, but I know they’ll continue to make me proud.

Kathleen - I came into the newspaper, into the journalism department with the thought that I was a terrible writer. Every English class I had told me as much, but I liked what the department had to offer. So, I gave it a shot not knowing that the writing would be my favorite thing of all.

Joining the Griffon News has challenged me, taught me leadership skills, improved my writing abilities and brought me closer to the people I now call my closest friends.

I’m so glad that I didn’t let the fear of failure hold me back from accomplishing as much as I have during my time as an editor for this paper. 

I’ve had my ups and my downs, my triumphs and my disappointments but I kept going.

As my advisor, James Carviou always says, “Journalism never sleeps.”

I am proud to have been a part of an amazing team and to have experienced as many great opportunities as I have. 

As a team we have shown the dedication it takes to rise and create a new name and I couldn’t be any prouder of all of the hard work and dedication all of us have. 

We’ve lost hours of sleep, gotten emotional and bonded through it all. 

I’m thankful to have been the Lifestyles Editor this year and to have watched us grow the way we have and I will truly miss it.

Zoë - I can not believe that we are done with another year. I had so many doubts this year on if we as a staff were going to make it or not. I was scared that the editors would hate the changes I made, scared the campus wouldn’t like our coverage and I was just terrified as a whole on many days. But here we are at the end, and this year went much better than I could ever imagine. 

The staff and the editors blew past my expectations several times. The support we received was mind blowing. We’ve received lots of love and several awards for our work too. As the EIC, it’s been so much fun to watch this program grow from when Dr. Carviou and I took over. It’s been a wild and stressful ride, but one I wouldn’t change for the world. 

I’m genuinely going to miss this year and all that’s come from it. As a journalism major, I should be able to come up with a better way to express how I feel, but I get too emotional when I think about how this is the end of such a fantastic year. But I believe next year will be just as great and I’m excited to see what we do.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. I am forever grateful. Although we’re ending in a way that no one expected, I’m still proud of the staff and the editors for the work they’ve done to put out one final paper. Keep an eye out over the summer for stories and updates. We’ll see you in the fall.

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