To whom it may concern:

Recently, the student government of this campus passed a bill that will cost full time students an extra $150.00 per year to attend college. According to the SGA president, there was not enough time to have a student vote, so the SGA felt the need to promise our money. Bear in mind, this is in addition to the tuition, and both Federal and State taxes we pay to go to this university.

So, this letter is a call to action. Because Jacob Scott and the SGA feel that there is a “clear need for additional revenue”, I want to see them put their money where their mouth is. The

SGA needs to take a fifty percent budget cut. This would lower the SGA fee for a full time student from $50 to $25. Thus, there would be a net increase of $50 for a full time student, rather than $75. This cut would ease the pain of every single student when paying tuition.

Keep in mind, there is not an office or program on campus that has not had a budget cut, or a spending freeze of some nature, yet the SGA continues to operate with the same money from their inflated fee.

Any SGA office holder, or like minded individual, that feels the need to do the right thing can contact me at We can work together to make this happen; to help the school, and the students.

Cass Holtz

And Also

Janell Stone

Sterling Fichter

Clay Rains

Logan Burgess

Jarred Edwards

Sarah Roller

Aaron Adrian

Derek Hawkins

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