Junna Resuma posing with her poetry book

Missouri Western is home to many esteemed alumni. One of those is Junna Resuma who has a published poetry book titled "Hidden Layers of Love." The book was published in September of 2020 and is about some of the struggles Junna faced her senior year of college. 

“During my senior year, I was really depressed,” Resuma explained. “I was going through a lot of hardships personally outside of school. I lost my main core friends and I was actually going through a breakup and I was going through finals all at the same time. I was just all over the place.”

Resuma graduated from Missouri Western in the spring of 2018 and had a degree in convergent journalism, but her love for writing did not start there. 

“I started writing poetry because I went to Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts and I majored in creative writing so I’ve always loved poetry,” Resuma said. “I kind of tapped into it here and there but during that year specifically, that last final semester, I was writing extensively just because that’s all I felt I could do because I felt like my voice was silenced a little bit.”

You can find her book on Amazon as well as a few other book selling websites. 

“The rawest form of love broken down into four different layers people often go through in relationships,” the description from Barnes and Noble reads. “From the beginning stages, the happy in love, secrets coming to light, to letting go and growing; this book makes its way through each stage the author has personally undergone. Poetry was the author's outlet during a dark period in her life. The poems were all written in hopes to help the next person overcome heartache and pain.”

While the period in Resuma’s life that she writes about was not her high point, there were ways she got through it and people to help her along the way. 

“My favorite part about writing is that it’s like a therapy for me. My family, my sisters and my mom and dad inspire me everyday. Even if they don’t know it, they’re just always pushing me, motivating me because that semester was very very hard and I went to them a lot during that semester and they gave me words of encouragement. Without them I probably wouldn't have graduated.”

Seniors in college face many challenges. From finding a job, to saying goodbye to all their friends, and many more. Junna Resuma went through those challenges and more. In the end of it all she now has published a poetry book and resides in Kansa City, Missouri. She has a few more projects set to come out in the near future that include another poetry book and a college guide for women. 

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