Milo is one of many dogs up for adoption at St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue. Milo is a 9-month-old shepherd mix.

The Friends of The Animal Shelter of St. Joe is an organization that seeks to find “forever homes” for shelter animals through fundraising, outreach and volunteer activities. In addition to the adoption clinics, some of the volunteers spend their time bathing and grooming the dogs, while others spend their time walking and socializing them. There are a wide variety of tasks to be performed.

Aubrey Silvey is the Humane Educator and is responsible for public outreach and is responsible for throwing all the events within this organization.

“Our main goal is to help animals in our community. We basically do that through adoption, and through helping the community. We are moving more towards community support,” Silvery said. “Helping people with food and supplies and helping people keep their pets versus them having to keep them rather than them signing them off to the animal shelter. So yeah the main goal is to help all animals in our community.”

Rowan McCollough is a freshman at Missouri Western and adopted from the animal shelter with first-hand experience.

“So I moved to St. Joe about seven years ago and my family decided to get a new cat after ours passed away so we looked for animal shelters and then came upon The Friends of The Animal Shelter,” McCollough said. “When we walked inside we knew this was the place for us. The staff there was very friendly and the establishment was clean and well kept.”

Not only has the animal shelter helped out one family in the community, but many families around St. Joe have been helped. Aden Zentz is a junior at Missouri Western and has been to many adoption clinics.

“So yeah I grew up in St. Joe and I’m familiar with The Friends of The Animal Shelter. A lot of my friends growing up adopted dogs there. I myself have gone to a few of the adoption clinics and enjoyed my time there. The animal clinics were well organized and all the animals looked well taken care of in the shelter.”

The Friends of The Animal Shelter cares for not only the animals placed in the shelter but they care about the community. With that said, there are many animals in shelters looking for a forever home. The Friends of The Animal Shelter will work with you to benefit your needs when looking for an animal to take home.

If you are interested in adopting an animal from The Friends of the Animal Shelter, you can visit their website at or contact them at 816-271-4877. For in-person visits, the address is 701 Lower Lake Road St. Joseph, MO 6450. Hours of availability can be found on their website.

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