"Through my Father's Eyes"

On Nov. 9, 2022 The Center for Military & Veterans Service hosted the event “Through My Father’s Eyes with George Luz Jr. in Spratt 205. The event was held for Missouri Western students, faculty and people in the community of Saint Joseph to come together and hear the stories about military veteran George Luz.


Luz Jr. spoke about his father's time during WWII, D-Day and V-E Day with intimate pictures of his time in the war and audio of him speaking on his experiences. Chelsea Clark is the Director of Military and Veterans Services here at Missouri Western and provided deeper insight on the event.


“It is a presentation by George Luz Jr about his father and his time with the Easy Company, a company of paratroopers during World War Two,” Clark said. “They jumped the day they went to Holland and they went to Best stone, two very major battles. They took the eagle's nest, so he talks about his father and those men that he served with as well as what it was like growing up with these guys that we know as heroes.”


George Luz was well spoken about his father's time in the war. He told his father's story with passion. Everyone in attendance was moved by his father's war stories. George Luz’s story was turned into an HBO Miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The Mini series was called Band of Brothers and attracted 6.9 millions viewership during its nine-week run on HBO. George Luz talked about the show and the impact it had on society and the portrayal of his father done by Rick Gomez. 


“It was very humbling for me to see that,” Luz said. “You know, we all look at our parents and our dads and you know, we want to measure up. After the series I said to myself, ``How in the world do I measure up to something like what my dad went through?”


“He did a fabulous job, because he also did not have the opportunity to talk to my dad,” Luz Said. “But what he did have was books and he was able to talk to some of the other veterans to get a little bit more of the details about my dad, his behavior and how he acted.”


Director of Military and Veterans Services Chelsea Clark also gave her opinions on the show.


“The series came out for the public shortly after 9/11 in 2001,” Clark said. At that time, everyone in the country watched a band of brothers. I lost count of how many times I've watched this series. To anyone who hasn't seen it, it's only 10 episodes long so I highly recommend that they watch it.”


George Luz also touched on the topic of mental health regarding war Veterans. PTSD is something that affects veterans from all over the world both young and old.


“All veterans, no matter when they serve, raise their right hand to serve their country and protect the Constitution,” Luz Jr. said. “They signed a blank check that they would sacrifice their life for their country.”

Through My Father’s Eyes with George Luz Jr. was an impactful experience for all in attendance. Hearing Luz Jr. share his fathers experiences was a fitting tribute to Veterans Day.

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