On Wednesday, April 19, Griffon Activity Programming (GAP) and the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) hosted Griff-Fun-Fest. The event was held in the Blum Student Union Lobby from 5-8 p.m..


The event featured food from Pizza Hut, live music, Kona Ice, indoor yard games and around $3-4K worth of prizes. These prizes included speakers, an iPad, Airpods, a PlayStation 5 with games and more. Students were entered into the prize drawing by scanning their Digital ID’s at the door. The first 200 students also received free T-shirts.


Some of the indoor yard games that were available to students included Jenga, Connect 4, cornhole and more.


According to Jacob Ridens, Director of Campus Activities, the event was held to give students time to relax now that the semester is ending.


“We wanted to put on a kind of end-of-the-year big event for our students, kind of let them be able to celebrate the previous school year (and) let them know that ‘hey, you guys (have) been working hard and now it’s time to play hard as well.’” Ridens said.


Ridens also said that this event was an opportunity for students to meet others.


“I'm hoping that they get to come out, get a little bit of relaxation, meet some people as well.” Ridens said. “That way they can get a new experience they may have not gotten.”


Dana Vinson, a digital animation major, was at the event playing some of the games.


“Since I'm constantly stuck in the lab working on homework, it's a good way to just take a brain break from all the stuff and get to hang out with people I don't get to hang out with as well.” Vinson said. “We've been just playing games, eating pizza. It’s really fun.”


Roland Tyson, a construction engineering major, was also at the event with friends.


“I got to hang around with some people, say hi to people I haven’t seen in a while and just listen to music and have fun.” Tyson said. “It's kind of feeling like a college atmosphere, rather than just a college as it is.” 


By the time of the prize drawing, over 300 students had checked in. Winners were decided by spinning a wheel with the names of the people who scanned in. In the event of the winner not claiming their prize or present for the drawing, students counted down from ten and the wheel was spun again. In multiple instances, friends of winners ran out of the room to get the prize winner.


Even though Griff-Fun-Fest was the last major event of the school year, students can still have fun by visiting the Senior Art Exhibition in the Potter Hall Art Gallery. GAP will also be resuming their usual activities in the next school year.

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