Sexual Health Panel

On Feb. 8, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Spratt Hall held an event here on campus known as the “Griffon Love Line.” Griffon Love Line was a Q&A panel consisting of five experts knowledgeable on the subjects of sexual health, healthy relationships, consent, sexual harassment and sex.


The panel consisted of hosts and experts Adam McGowan, Rachel Gadd-Nelson, Evan Heart, Kristie Miller and Megan McBane. They were all there to explain and answer any questions the audience and common questions people had.


The event officially started at 7 P.M., but at 6:30 P.M. they had set up a few booths in the main room of Spratt, with several informational pamphlets, contraceptive packs, stress balls, and other free goodies for all attendees to take as they pleased. At the tables, there were several different experts representing places from over town for the event: YWCA, Mosaic Life Care, therapists and sexual/ reproductive health experts. Along with these booths, they had a table of sweets and hot cocoa for people to snack on before and after the Q&A.


The experts began the event by giving a synopsis of what they would be discussing from their slides they had prepared for the most common questions people had, as well as things people don’t know about. McGowan began the panel with an introduction and synopsis of what he and his fellow experts would be talking about, such as STDs and infections, birth control and its components, as well as an overall discussion of sex positivity and what it entailed.


Each panelist had their own area of expertise and designated answers to give to questions students had. Whether it was on the basis of consent, types of sexually transmitted diseases and how to avoid and take care of them, or just any questions anybody had about sex and the stigma surrounding it. While only about two people in the audience had questions, they had a QR code listed on Missouri Western’s event description and on the beginning slideshow where participants could submit questions anonymously. The panelists answered questions from all areas, and were well descriptive and non-judgmental the whole time.


After Griffon Love Line had ended, people were invited to come up and personally talk to the panelists if they liked, as well as head back out to the table stations to take more goodies and sweets. The panelists talked to some more of the students and answered any questions someone did not want to bring up publicly. 


Bailee Larson, a freshman at Missouri Western, said that she liked the event very much. “I like it a lot for its focus on the importance of safety and health especially when it comes to sex. Also, the free stuff is a good way to get people interested,” she said. Larson said she does hope more events will continue like in the future. “It’s good for it to stay available to the public for them to know these kinds of things. It could’ve had a better advertising team, though.”


Aaron Hammer, a freshman at Missouri Western, said he came to the event in case there was anything he didn’t know about already. “Even though I did actually know most of the stuff they covered, I’m glad I came anyways, since it was cool to see so many older open-minded people.” Hammer agreed with Larson that the promotion could “offer many options for people depending on their situations, since everyone is different.”


Chase Dunn was another student who attended the event as well, and said he liked the event, and how mature and friendly the panelists were. “All of them answered questions in great detail, and I really liked that. Like, I didn’t know much about the herpes virus before, and I got taught some more about that.” He encourages other students to come “in case they also learn something new like me.”


Griffon Love Line was a different experience for everybody, but taught everybody at least something they didn’t know before. It also brought people together to learn about a subject that many consider “taboo,” but at Missouri Western, it is a safe space to ask questions and get some answers.

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