Chainmail Event

Missouri Western offers two engineering degrees: construction engineering technology and manufacturing engineering technology. The students in these two fields have been a part of the manufacturing club for two years.

Senior, Craig Spilker, established the club back in 2019. Having been a part of a similar club at his previous school he wanted to bring his experiences to MWSU and engage his classmates.

“We’re just passionate about making things more efficient,” Spilker said. “That’s what we do, we improve processes.”

When the group brainstormed ideas for their next event, newer member, Hosanna Moore, drew upon her love for ancient history and suggested they demonstrate how to make chainmail.

“The most interesting thing that I know how to do, that I think the club is interested in anyway, since I don't think they want to learn how to do embroidery, is chainmail,” Moore said. “The majority of the history I know, is ancient history, I know just as much, or maybe more about the Celts, Picts, Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians as American history.”

Chainmail is a type of armor made out of metal rings linked together to form a mesh. Moore was the demonstrator for the event and taught the attendees, including her club acquaintances. 

“I tried to be helpful especially at the beginning,” Moore said. “It’s the hardest part of making chainmail, when the pattern isn't visible quite as well, but I think looking at previously made sections of chainmail was more helpful. Everyone managed to make their own section of chainmail. Between the two sources of assistance hopefully some help was given.”

The event itself was a success for the manufacturing club. Club members all attended and there were even a few students from different departments taking in the demonstration.

“As far as the turnout I’d say it’s the best of the year,” Spilker said. “People who weren't even a part of the club showed a real interest in what we were making.”

In the past the club has toured different factories to see different manufacturing processes and have also hosted speakers from places as renowned as NASA. The club is always open to new members and suggestions for new demonstrations or activities. 

Spilker may be graduating this spring, but he’s leaving his club in the hands of Moore and other club members who hope to keep the club going well into the future.

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