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 Missouri Western Residence life has started a new initiative this year to get students ready for their next semester at MWSU. Griffs Finish Strong is all about celebrating the freshman students finishing their first year here at Missouri Western. Not only do they get to celebrate the end of the semester with a giant event and prizes but they can also get the help they need to be all set up for their next year at Missouri Western. 


Griffs finish strong is a brand new program that is run by a point system. Freshman living on campus receive points throughout the year for going to griff’s finish strong events, following safety guidelines and dorm rules and visiting peer connectors. 


Director of housing and residence life John Vanderpool is excited for Griff's Finish Strong and believes it can be a fun way to keep students involved and prepared for the rest of their college experience. 


“Griffs Finish strong is really an initiative to get students to enroll for classes, make sure they have housing applications for the next year, attendance at certain programs and a lot of things that are a good culmination to the year.” Vanderpool said. “It is for freshmen that are currently enrolled living in Scanlon hall and this is an initiative that we will start with this current freshman class but will continue moving forward and it might become an every semester thing.”  


For the students that have 100 points there will be a V.I.P. bingo night with $1,000 worth of prizes. This event will take place at Scanlon Hall in the game room on April 26. The bingo night is exclusive to students that have earned 100/150 points. 


On April 26 there will also be a party called One is Done hosted at Scanlon hall to celebrate the end of the year. This event will have outdoor yard games, merchandise and food for all students in attendance. There will also be a DJ featured.  


“The goal is really to foster a good community.” Vanderpool said. “Foster a good community while we finish up the end of the year and to end the year well and set the students up for success entering their second year.” 


Missouri Western is all about supporting the students and this initiative is a great way to not only celebrate them but give encouragement and help for next year. There are also Resident Assistants that help to keep students involved and act as a guide for students if they need assistance with not only res-life but the college experience as well. 


Roger Collins is a student at Missouri Western who also works as a peer connector on campus. 

“I’m someone that likes to help people and I feel like I’m playing a role in something that is a big part of the Freshman’s life as they finish their first year of college so it means a lot to me.” Roger Collins said. “It easily directs them to the resources that they need. Peer connectors are something new that we have and they basically help them overall with stuff they might need.” 


Griffons can utilize these resources to finish out the rest of the semester strong. For students that are finishing their first year congrats and be sure to check out these events so that you don’t miss out! Get in touch with your Resident Assistant or check out the Griffs Finish strong events on the housing and residence life homepage at

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