Halloween is right around the corner, and there is no better way to get ready for Halloween than the Halloween Bash on Oct. 20 at Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living (MERIL). The event lasted from 3:30-5:30 p.m. For those who are unaware of what the Halloween Bash is, it is a Trunk-or-treat where people go trick-or-treating in a parking lot full of cars and go trunk to trunk asking for candy. The event provided free food and drinks for the people who came out to the event. Member Kayla Hall enjoys seeing both kids and adults having fun during the bash. 

"What I enjoy the most about the Halloween Bash is seeing all the little kids dressed up and seeing how happy they are," said Hall. "Seeing the parents bonding with their kids always gives a wholesome feeling and raises the spirit of Halloween. You can see amazing decorations on some people's trunks, and it is an amazing opportunity to learn about some of the organizations of Saint Joseph."

Many clubs and organizations participated in the Halloween Bash and decorated their trunks with skeletons or spiderwebs. Some of the trunks included games such as cornhole. Plenty of people learned about the organizations that came to the event and saw what they had to offer. Gracie Schafer likes how the event brings the St. Joseph community closer together and how participants took time out of their days to provide Halloween spirit.

"The Halloween Bash brings the community closer," said Schafer. "It’s nice to see everything the St. Joseph community has to offer."

Bringing back the holiday joy for Halloween can be a bit hard, especially after COVID-19. It is the first time that the Organization of Student Social workers has had the opportunity to participate in the bash since the pandemic. It revives the Halloween spirit by getting everyone back together in a fun manner. One of the members, Jana Frye, believes this is a great opportunity to bring back the festivities and it is great to see people back outside holding events with a large crowd. 

"This is a great event because this is the first time we've had a chance to do this since COVID," said Frye. "I enjoy these activities where we are able to get people back together in the same place. We're outside in the fresh air, and if we could provide more opportunities for everyone to come together, I think it would help get over some of the stress that we dealt with during COVID-19."

The event was a success and people had a great time at the Halloween Bash. It was educational and people learned about the organizations at the event. There will be more trunk-or-treats in the future, so keep an eye out for next year's event.

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