Hallmark Christmas movies have become a staple of the holiday season. Whether it's a city woman heading home for the first time in 10 years to see that the high school nerd is now kinda hot or Santa sending someone to an alternate reality so he can learn to appreciate his family, Hallmark has it all.

Throughout the years, people have commented that a lot of their movies have the same plot. In 2020, Hallmark released 40 new holiday movies in November and December. In her article “There Are 40 New Hallmark Holiday Movies & Only 12 Hallmark Holiday Movie Plots”, Martha Sorren compares the 12 days of Christmas to the 12 Hallmark plots. 

“No one is surprised that Hallmark has figured out what works and that they're driving it home for the holidays,” Sorren stated. “But it's somehow shocking to see just how strikingly similar all these movies really are. I guess it's as the old saying goes: ``if you've seen 12, you've seen them all.”

However, it’s not just Hallmark that makes the predictable and sappy Christmas movies anymore. Networks like Lifetime and Netflix have also taken their shot at making holiday classics. Katrina Daley, a writer for Screen Rant, as an article titled “5 Reasons Lifetime Christmas Movies Are Better Than Hallmark (& 5 Reasons Hallmark Will Always Be The Best)” 

“Lifetime has always had a bit of an edge in its reputation as a network, due in large part to the crime thrillers and steamy romances it regularly airs throughout the year,” Daley said. “But as a result of its nature as a network with an edge to it, Lifetime's Christmas movies often have a bit more humor and snark to them.” 

While Lifetime movies can relate to a more modern audience, Hallmark knows what it’s viewers want. The cheesy and perfect romance, that also includes a bit of a rags to riches story. 

“Part of what makes Hallmark Christmas movies so easy to make fun of is the incredibly cheesy nature of their stories,” Daley said. “Almost too earnest and quaint for their own good, these movies follow unrealistically pretty people in impossible fairytale type scenarios. The number of royal themed Christmas movies alone says it all.”

Last year, Hallmark made history by releasing its first Hanukkah movie titled “Love!,Lights!, Hanukkah!” It did not have the response they were looking for since it was more about Christmas than anything else. This year, they released another titled “Eight Gifts of Hanukkah” and response has been quite different. 

“If there's any Christmas paraphernalia, it’s presented as an afterthought,” Claire Spellburg Lusitg wrote for Primetimer. “While its depiction of the holiday may be over exaggerated, Eight Gifts of Hanukkah should be commended for its complete disinterest in making Christians feel comfortable, a trait that makes for interesting television, even if it puts the film at odds with its Hallmark counterparts.”

The holidays are a time for family and friends to remember what they care about. Hallmark and other similar networks bring this feeling to the television screen. It may be repetitive and cheesy but that’s what tradition is all about.

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