These past few weeks have been crazy for the gaming and Harry Potter communities. “Hogwarts Legacy”, a new role-playing video game surrounding the wizarding world comes out on Feb. 10.


The transgender community and many people supporting the trans community are attempting to get the game canceled due to the actions and transphobic remarks from the author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling. “Hogwarts Legacy” was first announced back in 2020 and has had backlash since.  


Due to it coming out recently, the backlash towards the game has come back and it is even worse than before. In early June of 2020, Rowling made transphobic remarks and has faced fallouts since. 


Many social media creators, most of them being on Tiktok, have gone on to say anybody who buys the game should be canceled, are transphobic and are horrible people for funding a game based off a franchise made by a horrible person. 


Despite Rowling having nothing to do with the game development, the many content creators and other people in the community are mad that Rowling will be making money from it because she made the franchise. There are a couple of content creators that do not think it is that big of a deal. Tiktok content creator Onetoedjack said, “I personally believe everyone should mind their own business.” 


There are also some people who believe the game and people who play it should not face the repercussions. Some others believe the game should be played with caution.


“Hogwarts Legacy in no way supports the ideas of the creator, if you genuinely want to play the game because you are a Harry Potter fan, or want to try something new, you should but with the understanding some people might be mad at you.” says a Missouri Western student who asked to be unnamed.


The controversy has gotten to the point where a website can now track a content creator or streamer activities such as playing the game. The controversy has escalated to the point Warners Bros, the company who developed the game, had to write on the games FAQ page that Rowling was not involved with the game whatsoever.


Due to the massive amount of videos being made about the game and many videos trying to cancel the game, sales of the game have skyrocketed from people trying to mess with creators who have made those kinds of videos. Despite this, the game has been a massive success.


As of Feb. 9, a day before the official release, “Hogwarts Legacy” hit number one in presales on Steam, an online PC game distributor. The game was also number one in the Playstation store.


 The game has been topping the charts even with all the backlash and hatred.

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