Many Missouri Western students strive to reach the point in their education where they are able to apply what they have learned and the skills they have acquired in the classroom to real world situations, which is vital for their future careers and further education. 

In response to this need, Missouri Western has created an office called Griffon Office of Applied Learning, also known as GOAL. Dr. Mike Ducey has played a huge role in organizing GOAL. Ducey has had personal experiences with applied learning that has greatly impacted his education and career.

“Applied learning opportunities gave me access to graduate schools that I may not have had access to before,” Ducey said. 

Ducey is very excited to introduce GOAL and everything it has to offer to Missouri Western.

“There is a ton of stuff that I am super excited for, one of the things that I am most excited about is that this is an opportunity for Missouri Western to be able to really communicate outward all of the great things that we do with applied learning,” Ducey said.

Some Missouri Western students may still be unaware of what the Griffon Office of Applied Learning is and what it goes into it. The Griffon Office of Applied Learning will ultimately provide all Missouri Western students hands-on learning opportunities no matter what major or field the student is planning on going into. 

“The Griffon Office of Applied Learning is one tool that the university is using to help us advance the master academic plan,” Ducey said. 

“The GOAL office is going to help us do a lot of things. It is going to help us support applied learning, develop applied learning and provide opportunities as well as training,” Ducey said. 

Dr. Ducey recommends that all Missouri Western students become aware and involved with Griffon Office of Applied Learning.

“Do applied learning! One of the goals that is in the master academic plan is that the university is going to make the commitment to have 100 percent of students engaged with applied learning before they graduate,” Ducey said. 

Overall, The Griffon Office of Applied Learning has been developed to improve students’ education experience and futures. GOAL is expected to have a huge impact on students. 

“The biggest impact GOAL has on Missouri Western students is when students engage in applied learning, its getting the individual ready for the workforce,” Ducey said. 

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