Medical Laboratory Science Night

Medical Laboratory Science Night took place September 22nd on the 3rd floor of Agenstein Hall. The goal of this event was to bring awareness to the degree and what it has to offer.


Students had opportunities to meet with practicing professionals from a variety of hospitals and health clinics along with students currently enrolled in the MWSU program. Hands-on activities were also available to help students understand the scope of the job.


Dr. Natalie Mikita, an associate professor and advisor for the Medical Laboratory Science program, was the host of the event.


“Medical Lab Science is a not well known degree program,” Dr. Mikita said. “The COVID pandemic has really highlighted the need for MLS students”.


Dr. Mikita mentioned that MLS students are in high demand and have a large number of employers to choose from. 

“They are fighting for you. They will offer $5,000 sign on bonuses because the MLS population is starting to tire,” Said Dr. Mikita.


Dr. Mikita also mentioned that getting students into the program as freshmen is important. Students start doing labs and are able to do research as soon as their freshman year. Both the biology and chemistry departments offer a wide variety of research opportunities for students to participate in. 


The MLS program is a very hands-on program and encourages students to be involved in their work. These hands-on activities allow students to develop important lab skills before starting their clinicals.


After completing three years at MWSU students will start their senior year at a hospital. The senior year of the program is composed of Clinicals, where students work in a lab setting alongside professionals in the field.


Annahi Borrego, who is completing her Clinicals at Mosaic Life Care was present at the event. “You’re helping patients even though they don’t know it,” Borrego said.


Elaine from North Kansas City Hospital, which also offers a Clinical program, explained what medical lab scientists do. 

“We get to do all the testing behind all the diagnosis’ and medication,” Elaine said.  We’re all kind of a part of the backbone of medical care, especially personalized care.”


The Medical Laboratory Science degree offered at MWSU includes hands-on learning. This includes activities such as blood typing and urinary analysis.


MWSU does not have a Masters program, which is why representatives from other colleges were present for students to speak with.

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