Trumpet Recital

On Nov. 2, the MWSU Trumpet Studio held a recital in Potter Hall. The event was free and open to the public.


All of the performers were students taking Applied Trumpet, taught by Dr. Jennifer Oliverio. Collaborative piano was played by Kristine Olefsky.


The students performing were Jessica Genova, Owen Mustain, Devin Edwards, Kate Koetting, Elizabeth Voga and Dylan Aspelund.


The students performing were able to choose their own pieces and were encouraged to choose something that was both challenging and meaningful to them.


“I did want everyone to feel like they had input on what pieces they were playing so that it's something that they connected to,” said Oliverio.


One of the songs being performed, “Elegy for Karyn”, was commissioned by Oliverio.


“I really appreciate stuff by diverse composers and so I wanted to make sure that it was a balanced program, and it was something that was accessible for all the students,” said Oliverio.


Dylan Aspelund, an Instrumental Music Education major, was one of the students performing. Aspelund performed “From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific” by H.L. Clarke, on the Cornet.


“It’s my first cornet piece I've ever played,” said Aspelund.


Aspelund is also doing his senior recital this semester and currently practicing four different pieces.


“I’m trying to at least get my practice up to two hours a day,” said Aspelund. “Splitting that between four pieces and trying to get it all about 30 minutes per practice session”.


Kate Koetting, an Instrumental Music Education major, also performed and has been practicing her piece since September.


Koetting played “Elegy for Karyn”, composed by Dorothy Gates. Gates wrote the piece for her sister Karyn, who died from COVID.


“It’s kind of a sad piece,” Koetting said. “I hope to emulate the emotion of it tonight.” 


All students performed with Kristine Olefsky accompanying on piano except Devin Edwards. Edwards performed Introit by Richard Johnson. During his performance, he played a video in the background to add visuals and sound effects.


Dr. Oliverio said that she hopes that recitals can take place more often. Oliverio had her own recital on Nov. 3, where she performed works from her solo album “Enigma”.


“I would love for it to be something that happens every semester,” said Oliverio.


On Nov. 15, the Fall Choir Concert will be held in Potter theater and the Fall Jazz Concert will be held on Nov. 17. On Nov. 16, there will be a percussion studio recital.

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