Sunday, Oct. 30 the Missouri Western Athletic Department’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) hosted a trunk or treat for the kids in the community. The student-athletes were in charge of decorating a table and handing out candy to the kids. There was a face paint station as well as many other games. 


Greysen Dudley, the SAAC advisor, spoke on the importance of the event. 


“My favorite part of the night was seeing our student-athletes interact with the kids,” Dudley said. “Our students have a lot of pressure on them when you consider all the responsibilities including athletics, academics, maintaining their mental and physical health and so much more. It was fun to see them get goofy with the kids from our community and relax for a couple of hours. I am proud of our student-athletes who always go the extra mile to help connect our community and university.”


It’s important to keep community engagement high. With this being the first trunk or treat held, nobody knew what to expect. 


Senior Chloe Armstrong is a student-athlete involved with SAAC. She shared some thoughts on the trunk or treat.  


“I truly wasn’t expecting the turnout we got,” Armstrong said. “We had kids and parents lined up before the event even started waiting for us to be done preparing.”


Senior SAAC member Haley Haack shared her thoughts on what could be improved about the event.


“I would recommend encouraging more teams to participate and have more tables than there were,” Haack said. “I also think any way to get more advertising would also be  nice so we could reach more of  the community.”


This is the first year that SAAC has held the trunk or treat event. Although it was a hit, they will have to decide how they will make it even better for next time. 


“I definitely think this is something that we will consider doing again,” Armstrong said.  “It gives kids a chance and opportunity to get out and interact with us athletes, but it also gives parents the opportunity to give their kids a chance to trick or treat safely.”


It’s important that the young children are given opportunities to make special memories. The trunk or treat was the perfect chance for the Griffon community to help out. 

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