True Spirit

Netflix's recent release “True Spirit” is a heart-warming true story about 16-year-old Jessica Watson’s dangerous journey to circumnavigate the globe on her sailboat. Watson wants to become the youngest person to ever do so. 


Before she could leave, Jessica faced many obstacles. There were struggles with the media trying to stop her. After a failed test round, most of Australia was trying to keep her from going because they felt she was not skilled enough. People also thought that her struggle with dyslexia could cause problems on her solo sail. 


Many did not think Watson could accomplish her goal, but Watson set out to prove people wrong. 


Once she departed it would take her 210 days to return home to Sydney, Australia. On her trip, she faced many mental and physical challenges. Watson fought seven knockdown storms in her 33-foot boat. The worst of the storms caused her and her vessel to go 15 feet underwater.


 During her journey, Jess kept contact with her family via satellite phone and documented her daily life on the boat for the world to see. Watson was able to remain vulnerable and authentic throughout her expedition, making her become a global role model.


If you have seen D.C. 's “Titans”, then you would recognize Watson’s actress as Raven since they are both played by Teagan Croft. 


“What I’ve always loved about Jessica’s journey is that she’s not the youngest girl to be a solo sailor,” Croft said in an interview with ABC. “She is the youngest solo sailor. It’s not a gender thing”

The real Watson is currently employed as a consultant with a “big four accounting firm” but, to this day she still loves sailing in her free time. Watson played a role in the movie's production. 


Watson worked with the director and crew for the entire production process, offering her input on the movie when necessary. Watson was moved by how well the actors and actresses portrayed her family.


 She was at sea for 210 days. Watson was not able to see her family's fear at the thought of Watson being dead and the absolute joy they felt knowing that she would be coming home.


As of Feb. 9 “True Spirit” has taken the number five spot on Netflix’s top ten movie list and has been on the streaming service since Feb. 3, 2023. The movie has received a 6.9 rating on IMDb.


Savanna Moffett, a biology student at Missouri Western had great things to say after watching the movie.


“I was screaming for her not to die, so many times. It is a movie that makes you root for the underdog and makes you feel a wide range of emotions.”


In real life, Watson inspired youth around the world to conquer their dreams head-on. At the age of 16, she was the youngest to circumnavigate the globe by herself and upon returning to Sydney, Australia would be awarded the Order of Australia Medal. 


“True Spirit” is a movie that has darker themes such as what isolation from others for so long does and Jessica Watson’s struggle with dyslexia when it comes to navigating the sea. True spirit is a defy-all-odds story that all can enjoy.

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