Magic Show

Griffon Activity Programming (GAP) hosted a magic show on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The event was held in Spratt 101 and entry was free.


GAP hosted this event to get people out of the dorms and to fun events, according to Jacob Ridens.


“We want to give people the opportunity to come out and check out an event that they may not have been able to attend anywhere else,” Ridens said.


The magician performing was Noah Sonie. Magic tricks performed included needle swallowing, guessing things that students were thinking and swapping out items for others.


Gabby Russell is a Missouri Western student that was called onto stage and had a magic trick performed on her. Sonie had called up two students and tapped on one student's shoulder while another student, who was on the other side of the stage, could feel it.


“I was kind of skeptical about it in the beginning but then when he got me up there I was kind of scared,” Russell said.


Sonie also handed a student an envelope at the beginning of the show with a number written on it. At the end of the show, he took a student's calculator and had multiple people give him random numbers. The number he calculated was the same as the number written on the envelope from the beginning of the show.


A more high-risk trick was correctly guessing which phone was a student's real phone after he put it in an envelope and mixed it with fake phones. Sonie was very active with the crowd and encouraged students to participate when they could.


Sonie has been performing for around 10 years and started due to discovering a magic shop when he was younger.


“I was obsessed,” Sonie said. “I was going home and I was reading every magic book I could find, I was learning everything that I could and I just kind of fell in love with the art and the craft of it”.


Sonie started performing professionally during college at bars and restaurants.


“From there, I found agents to represent me and I found different companies that wanted magicians to do shows for them,” Sonie said.


When it comes to following more nontraditional career paths, Sonie believes that you should follow your dreams even if people tell you otherwise.


“There's always a way and if you are dedicated to what you want to do, and you really believe in yourself, you’ll figure that way out,” Sonie said.


GAP is looking to show a movie once a week starting in November on Fridays. They are also hoping to host other events during the week alongside movie showings.

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