Small Figure on Bench

Stress is something that you have when you’re tired and can’t get rest. Maybe you are working too much or you having issues in life with family and friends

If you’re stressed you are not blessed or maybe you are? Stress can make you stronger depending on the person.

Sometimes a person fights through to get what needs to be completed. But it’s not that easy for someone who lets stress make them feel defeated.

Stress also messes with your mental health. It can make a person like there is no way out like you are in jail inside a prison cell. 

It can take a toll on the personal appearance like not making sure the face is cleaned, not making sure the hair is fixed up, and even not making the clothes look decent.

Stress can be a mess when you are a student in school taking tests. Students take the most stress  in higher learning. 

Fighting with trying to have a social life but also to worry about that student life. For students it’s a lot of strife trying to prepare for adult life. 

Stress for students in higher learning is learning how to pay bills, while having a car making sure it needs maintenance, as well as working while being a full time student. If that is not preparing for adult life then what is life?

Overall stress is something that creates problems but if it can be avoided it would be gladly appreciated. That is why stress is a mess because it was never made to be appreciated.

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