Friday, March 3 was like any other day at the Glore Psychiatric Museum. Open from 10 A.M. - 5 P.M., the building was filled with lights and exhibits for visitors to observe.   


However, once 5 P.M. arrived, the building became void of visitors and lights, and that was when the paranormal team came to investigate the acclaimed haunted museum.


Levi Smith is a founding member of Pete and Levi Investigations, who were responsible for inspecting Glore for signs of the supernatural. The partnership was founded in Nov. of 2021 and has since investigated several haunted places such as the Sallie House.


“For the last hour and a half, we’ve had a lot of communication through the spirit box and the K2 meters have been going off, but we haven’t felt anything outwardly bad or evil,” Smith said. “My partner Pete and I aren’t completely sold on the paranormal yet, so we’re still very skeptical but we try to keep an open mind. There are things we can’t explain… such as when I found a scratch on my back after leaving the Sallie house. We’re going to keep going and gathering more evidence to better understand what we don’t understand.”


The main tools used by the investigators were the K2 meter and a spirit box. The K2 meter is an electromagnetic field meter and is used to detect and measure any potential anomalies. The spirit box uses a radio with a frequency scan mode meant to detect Electronic Voice Phenomenons (EVPs) and communicate with spirits.


The museum building is a four-story building that contains a morgue, which opened its doors to visitors in 1968.


Before investigators started to search the building, it was the employees and volunteers that started witnessing the paranormal.


Jerrad Hardin is the volunteer and events coordinator at Glore. While he is not a full believer in the paranormal, Hardin cannot deny that he has seen some unexplainable things while working at the museum.


“I was taking the group out right here,” Hardin said. “We were getting ready to head into the tunnel. I saw one of them go to the bathroom and before we crossed into the dark tunnel, I told the group to wait because someone went into the bathroom, but they said that the group was all here.”


Hardin talked about another instance with the same visiting group.


“The conference room way down the hall is where we make most of our calls, so it is common to see someone there,” Hardin said. “I saw somebody sitting down there in a chair looking back at me right before I walked upstairs to meet the group, they decided to take the elevator. I didn’t think twice about it but everyone who was in that group got off the elevator.”


Glore Psychiatric’s property has a history going back 130 years with one of the main buildings built in 1874 now operating as a prison. 


It is a place filled with history and is a memorable museum to visit and learn. Maybe you can even experience a little bit of the paranormal when visiting.

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