Every year on Valentine's Day, people struggle to find the best gift for their significant others. Valentine's Day is a time to show people around you the real meaning of love.

With that said, Valentine's Day doesn’t have to be an extravagant ordeal. One of the most fun things you can do is sit down, relax and watch a movie with your loved ones. 

Now, there is no right or wrong Valentine's Day movie to watch, but there are some movie classics that everyone must see at some point in their lives. 

Logan Tracy is a student here at Missouri Western and has many Valentine's Day movies she enjoys watching. 

“One of my favorite romantic movies is "The Notebook,” Tracy said. “It is just such a romantic movie, and I love how at the end of the movie, they come back together.”

"The Notebook," whether it is a classic for Valentine's Day or not, is a great movie to watch with your significant other.

Trey Mull is another student at Missouri Western and has a wide array of choices in mind. Mull enjoys all ranges of movies during Valentine's Day.

“I really enjoy watching rom-coms, especially if the movie has anything to do with Matthew McConaughey,” Mull said. “He is one of my favorite actors, and I like how funny he is when he acts in movies. I also try to impersonate him sometimes.”

Matthew McConaughey plays in multiple movies, but you can't go wrong with his rom-coms this holiday. Many people enjoy watching him play different roles in movies. 

Fellow Missouri Western student Savannah Utech has many Valentine's Day movies she enjoys watching.

“One of my favorite Valentine's Day movies is "The Fault In Our Stars" because of the storyline, and he gives his last wishes for her to see her favorite writer and just that type of love is so amazing," Utech said. "Another Valentine's Day movie I love watching is 50 First Dates because no matter what she always forgets him the next day, and she always goes back to reset, and he tries to help her remember all the love they have for each other and how strong their love is.”

Valentine's Day isn’t a day to just give gifts or to impress others. It is a day to show real love to others around you. So, for this next Valentine's Day, don’t spend hundreds of dollars at a restaurant or hundreds of dollars going out and doing an activity. Stay at home, put on a pair of pajamas, make some popcorn and find that perfect Valentine's Day movie for you and your loved ones.

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