Join GAP Mar. 7 at 6 p.m. for a chance to win big at bingo night.


Bingo night will be hosted by Griffon Activity Programming (GAP) and will feature a wide variety of prizes for students to have a chance of winning.


Jacob Ribens, a member of GAP, helped host previous bingo nights for the campus. GAP is a student organization on campus that is dedicated to hosting a wide variety of events to entertain students.


“We provide different opportunities and experiences for all students on campus,” said Ribens. “It’s open to all students and it’s all free and entertaining for everyone.”


With bingo night being a big event, GAP hoped to add changes the students will enjoy.


“For the past bingo nights, we’ve done ones where we give away lots of different prizes… and we’re going to do a St. Patrick’s Day theme… it’ll be our lucky bingo night,” said Ribens. “We’re going to start asking students what prizes they would like to see at Bingo Night.”


There are many students that attend the events GAP hosts. Lauren Bloodgood, a biology student at MWSU, attended bingo the night before.


“I’ve gone to a couple of their events before… they’re really fun,” said Bloodgood. “One of the best things is the prizes because they hand out like a couple of $1,000 worth of prizes. Another fun thing is meeting people you’ve never met.”


Not only is bingo night fun but the setup is great as well.


“Whenever they have a bingo night, they always have music playing and circle tables that sit eight people,” said Bloodgood, “It’s great to just bring a group or mix a couple of groups together at a table.”


While this coming bingo night is already planned, GAP is still looking for ways to improve the student experience.


“I would improve more prizes,” said Bloodgood, “have more options to win.”


“We’re going to get some feedback, hopefully from them (attendees),” said Ribens. “Hopefully some more prizes… that students will want to receive as well.”


While bingo night is a big event, students like Abigail Jo Miller who haven’t participated in an event like this before are always invited.


“I have not been to bingo night,” said Miller. “I hope to see multiple prizes for everyone instead of just one.”

More information about bingo night and other GAP events can be found on the organization's Instagram page at Griffon Activities.

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