Patrick Olivero works in the music department as a tech as well as the marketing and communications department.  He also has his own music producing business that he started during COVID-19.


Patrick Oliverio is a video marketing coordinator and a music tech at Missouri Western. Oliverio is new to his job but has enjoyed every minute of it so far, as it combines many of his skills and talents. 


Oliverio spoke about his upbringing and background in schooling.


“I grew up in an air force family, so I was born in Florida but raised everywhere," Oliverio said. "I guess the majority of my schooling was done in Arkansas Rock, Arkansas. I went to the University of Arkansas for my undergraduate and went to the UMKC Conservatory for my masters. I started and almost finished my doctorate at Michigan State University. All of those were in trumpet performances.”


Olivero talked about how digital media has always been something he enjoys doing. The job at Missouri Western still plays a part in his love of music. The journey to Missouri Western was a series of events, especially during COVID-19. That was when his business started and took off. 


“This video audio photography thing, it’s always been something I enjoy doing, but I never thought it could be a job until 2019 when the pandemic started," Oliverio explained. "I started getting a lot of video editing and audio production because people couldn’t play it together. I started my own business and then worked from home with my son, Benjamin, who is three.”


Oliverio’s love for the trumpet has led him to many different career paths but also presented some incredible and unique opportunities in college. From high school to college, the trumpet was something Oliverio grew to become very successful at playing. 


“I majored in trumpet just off the recommendation of my counselor and it is still my career to this day," Oliverio said. "I still played with the Kansas City Symphony and the St. Joseph symphony, and I still teach trumpet. I went to every SEC school away for band trips, which was awesome. I did a lot of things like recording recitals and things like that. So that's why I've always been interested in technology, photography and videography.”


Oliverio went on to talk about his life just before he joined the Missouri Western campus.


“We lived in Kansas City from 2013 to 2020, then we moved to Michigan then this job came open for my wife, and she applied and was offered the job," Oliverio said. "We were looking at jobs for me, but also, I could stay home and do my business thing.”


Amidst all this, Dr. Aaron Grant, an assistant professor of music theory, mentioned an opening for Oliverio at Missouri Western. 


“Dr. Aaron Grant mentioned this position and I applied and then they offered me the job," Oliverio said.


Even though Oliverio was not always an official member of the staff at Missouri Western, in the past, he was involved with helping the music department. Finally, the opportunity came up to commit to Missouri Western as a staff member, and he took it. 


“I’ve always known about Missouri Western, I’ve always been a part of it," Oliverio said. "I was very actively involved in the music program, whether coming up and doing master classes or judging the Tournament of Champions. I didn’t really look at other opportunity universities, just when the opportunity came up, I jumped at it.”

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