Board of Governors

The Missouri Western Board of Governors came together and had an important discussion about the current state of the campus.

The Board of Governors meeting was held on Thursday, Oct. 22. The meeting included a discussion over COVID-19 and the impact it has on Missouri Western. It included discussion on new plans to keep people safe, as well as new partnerships and experiences for the campus.

The meeting began with an important announcement that Governor David Liechti, appointed in 2014 by governor Jay Nixon, is leaving the Board of Governors.

“I’m really grateful and humble that I got to do this,” Liechti said. “I’ve got to meet great people, I enjoyed my time here, and I had no regrets. The best thing in this whole job is knowing Missouri Western makes a difference in a lot of people's lives, and I know we have the right people leading.”

With Liechti leaving, a new member has joined the board. Lisa Norton has been appointed by Missouri Governor Mike Parson.

Norton moved to St. Joseph when she was 13 years old, and graduated from Central High School. After completing a master's at the University of Missouri in Columbia, she returned to St. Joseph and was hired at Missouri Western as an assistant professor. Norton has also started and sold multiple businesses and is currently the president of BioZyme in St. Joseph. David Liechti said he knows Norton will be great.

“I want to congratulate Lisa,” Liechti said. “She’ll do a great job. I’ve known Lisa for a long time and she’ll do a wonderful job here.”

During the meeting, it was also discussed that Missouri Western is using teamwork to keep the campus together. Dr. Doug Davenport said Missouri Western is working together as a team to keep focus on what is important.

“We are looking for ways in which we can strengthen and enhance both our recruitment and retention of our students,” Davenport said. “If we’re going to serve students well, we must make sure that we take that seriously, invest appropriately, and do all that we can as a team.”

Getting students through these different times is a top priority to the Board of Governors. Student Governor Hannah Berry gives her insight into life on campus, and how students are adjusting to the COVID-19 changes.

“Some newer terms being coined are zoom fatigue and how to deal with it, for example utilizing various learning spaces so you are not exhausted of where you’re learning,” Berry said. “So it continues to be a learning experience and continuing flexibility is very important, and students seem to be grateful to be receiving that from faculty.”

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