As the semester begins to pick up its pace, newly formed and existing clubs at Missouri Western are preparing to start their meetings again for another school year. Among those returning is the Psychology Club. 

President of the Psychology Club, Brittany Addison, began as a member in 2019 and worked her way up the ladder to her current position. Addison described the club as having two parts: Psi Chi, an Honors Society exclusively for psychology majors, and Psych Club, which is open to all students. 

The meetings consist of fun, yet educational psychology activities and discussions. Last week's meeting consisted of students taking the 16 personalities test that gives you multiple choice questions to determine your personality type. Addison encourages students to join regardless of their major because it’s a subject that anyone can relate to and enjoy learning more about.

 “We try not to make it another aspect of school. We’ve had members in the past that like coming here because it’s a nice break from all the stress,” Addison said.

Despite how the name might sound. the club is open to all students that apply and not just psychology majors, so for many, it is a way to gauge their interest in the field.

Secretary of the club and psychology major, Jake Pohl, commented on why he initially joined the group.

“I was unsure about a major, so I decided to join to explore different career options.”

Another member of the club, Justice Galloway, shared that she joined to find and meet psychology majors like herself.

“I came in as a psych major and wanted to make friends in my field,” Galloway said.

Addison included that the main perk of being a part of the Honors Society Psi Chi is that it allows its members to apply for scholarships and other related opportunities.

The club also engages in professional development and organizing events, such as fundraisers and workshops for students seeking grad school. This semester, they will be participating in a service project but do not have more details at this time.

Meetings are held every other week at 4:00 p.m. in Murphy 211. To become a member, simply fill out an interest form or contact a club officer in-person or through email.

In the future, Addison plans to focus on recruiting more consistent members, increasing overall club engagement and is hoping to continue to build relationships within the club. Addison also recommends that students follow the club’s Instagram page, @mwsu_psichi, to stay up to date with upcoming events and activities.

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