From his first step onto Missouri Western State Universities' campus, student Connor Peters knew he had found a community he wanted to play a role in. Since that day Peters has made his name known around the university through his time with the Student Government Association and his outgoing personality. With an interesting past and a large future already planned out Connor Peters may one day become a name known around the whole midwest area.

Peters holds a special place in his heart for the midwest area, being born on Nov. 2, 2000 in Quincy, Ill. After spending nearly half his life being raised in Quincy, Ill. the Peters family moved to Kansas City, Mo. where they have resided for the past eleven years. Since joining the Missouri Western family Peters has been staying in the on campus dormitories in Scanlon Hall during the school semesters. Peters gave some insight into his childhood in Kansas City and his fond memories of his family.

“I live in Scanlon Hall during the school year, and otherwise live with my parents and four siblings in Kansas City, Mo. My siblings made my childhood very eventful and fun. As a kid, I spent a lot of time playing video games and going outdoors with them.”

In addition to Illinois and Missouri the Peters family had a short lived attempt at moving states once again but in the end came back to what they still call home in Kansas City as Peters explained.

“The most interesting fact about my childhood is that I lived in Kansas City from 2008-2013, moved to North Carolina and lived there in 2014, and after one year moved back to Kansas City.”

Peters is currently attending Missouri Western to work towards a marketing degree in hopes of eventually settling down in the Midwest to pursue a career in sports production, marketing, or promotions. He began his university career in the Fall of 2019, and knew immediately what he was there to accomplish. Peters explained how he had known ever since his days as a high schooler that marketing was his one true passion and the career meant for him.

“I knew that I’d major in marketing for a while, dating back to my sophomore year of high school when I started getting involved in sports marketing,” Peters said. “I promoted my school’s athletic events on social media and grew a strong attachment to it. When I realized that my passion could translate into a career path, I decided that I would study marketing in college.”

On top of attending the university for a bachelors in marketing Peters had pounced on the opportunity to be an active member of Missouri Westerns community. Peters personality played a large factor into wanting to be heavily involved on campus as he explained that he loves always having something to work on and to get to be around other people.

“I would definitely describe myself as ambitious, or perhaps as a “workaholic”. I really enjoy working- whether it be through my jobs, classwork, or personal projects. Things don’t seem right to me if I don’t have something to work on,” Peters said. “I’d also describe myself as committed. I get satisfaction from seeing tasks done to completion. Finally, I’d say that I’m sociable. I really enjoy talking with people- both longtime friends and new acquaintances alike!”

Taking into account all of his goals and personality, Peters made for the perfect fit within the university's student government. Peters has served several different roles in the government as well as his brother Sean Peters who introduced him to the idea. Peter explained his current role in the Student Government Association.

“During this current school year, I have been the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the MWSU Student Government Association. I manage our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook platforms, draft press releases, initiate giveaways to the student body, and advise the other members of the SGA Executive Board on how to best promote their events and initiatives.”

In the past Peters had served as a member of the senate until he saw the opportunity to be the Director of Public Relations and Marketing. 

“I joined the SGA senate during my first year as a Griffon because I was thoroughly enjoying my time as a student here, and really wanted to get more involved in campus life At the end of last spring semester, the opportunity arose to interview for what is now my current position in SGA. My older brother, Sean, had also been involved in SGA for several years already, and recommended that I give it a try. I’m glad that I took his advice.”

Despite all of his work accomplished with the student government so far Peters has no plans to stop there. With recent elections Nathan Scott and Peters ran for president and vice president. Peters has already thought out many of the goals and ideas he would like to accomplish as the vice president. Continuing with his marketing goals Peters would like to see a very communicative government.

“I would personally like to champion increased interaction between SGA and the student body through town halls, focus groups, increased tabling, and continued engagement on social media. I am also hoping to recruit more senators through similar methods,” Peters explained. “Also, assuming that additional headway will have been made against COVID-19 by next semester, I will support our Executive Board in hopes of creating more on-campus engagement opportunities for students. The college experience, especially at Missouri Western, should extend far beyond the classroom. With that in mind, I will work hard at this goal.”

While the majority of Peters goals focus on helping students and furthering his career in marketing, Peters also has a love of rock and roll in his free time.

“A personal goal that I have, which COVID-19 has put on pause for the moment, is to attend as many classic rock concerts as I can,” Peters said. “I love listening to classic rock. I listen to it while I work, while I study- pretty much whenever I can get away with it. My favorite band is Queen. I saw them in concert in 2017 and it was one of the biggest events of my life.”

On top of his passion for rock and roll Peters also likes to spend his free time watching tv, sports and playing video games.

“I also enjoy playing video games on the Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Switch systems and watching shows on Netflix and Disney+. I am also a big sports fan. I mainly root for the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, Sporting KC, and all Missouri Western athletics!”

As best put in the words of Connor Peters himself he is a “sociable workaholic” who has already accomplished much in his positions in student government and in working towards his career and future in the marketing field. With Peters upcoming positions as vice president of the Student Government Association, students and faculty alike should pay close attention as he works to increase communication and more opportunities for students on campus. The citizens of Missouri and the Midwest should keep an eye out for the name Connor Peters as well to pop up as he nears closer to graduation and an eventual job in sports marketing.

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