Covid Vaccine Location

With Missouri currently being in Phase 1A and 1B of the Covid-19 Vaccination plan, things begin to look up for Missouri Western as well as the world as a whole.

There is little information open to the public about the vaccination but what we do know, according to the Show Me Strong Missouri site, is that last week, 144,859 doses of the Vaccine were administered in Missouri. That’s an average of 20,694 per day. We also know that there have been 88,946 tests given out in Missouri as well. There have been 6,263 cases and 22 deaths in the past seven days. What all these different numbers mean are that cases are dropping in Missouri.

Missouri Western is also doing everything they can to help control the Covid-19 virus. Western is offering free rapid testing that is available to students and staff, and can be set up through an appointment which can be scheduled through the Missouri Western website.

Western has also recently teamed up with Mosaic Life Care, who is working to help control the virus as well.

CEO of Mosaic Life Care, Dr. Mark Laney said at last week's Board of Governors meeting that the response to Covid-19 is being handled at a high level.

“We’re under continuous financial pressure to provide a higher level of care with more technology with less funding.”

Laney went on to say that things are looking up and we are beginning to see a change for the better here in St. Joseph.

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel,” Laney said. “Today we have fewer covid patients in our hospital since August last year. We’re continuing to see those numbers decline.”

Missouri Western and Mosaic lifecare have been working hard to keep these Covid-19 cases under control. 

"We’re tied at the hip. We’re not only across the street from one another but we share similar challenges.”

Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Douglas Davenport gave congratulations to the Esry Student Health Center and everything they have been doing to keep the campus safe at the Board of Governors meeting.

“The Esry Student Health Center has been involved with our testing for covid and it’s wonderful what they’re doing,” said Davenport.

Davenport went on to say that ESRY Student Health Center has played a vital role in making Missouri Western a safe campus.

“The Esry Student Health Center has been important to our response to covid,” Davenport said. “They have become very involved, not just for students but were serving the entire campus community in light of covid and the Esry health center has been playing a role in that as well.”

With everything covid related finally looking up and more hopeful, Missouri Western students and staff still need to do everything they can to be safe and slow the spread of the disease. Right now there is not much information on the vaccine and the future of this pandemic so for now all there is to do right now is stay safe and continue practicing social distancing.

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