Dr. Cary D. Chevalier has received the recognition as the International Student Chapter Advisor of the Year for 2021 by The Wildlife Society. The TWS is the international professional society for wildlife science, management and conservation. It is an honor to receive this award and goes international with 140 Student Chapters with 6 being in Missouri. 

This is not the first time Dr. Chevalier has received this award; he previously received it back in 2013 as well. He has always been dedicated to whatever comes his way. When earning his bachelor's degree he was also a member of the student chapter in The Wildlife Society and when he came to Missouri Western he knew he wanted to be involved and let the students run everything while being a great support system for them.

He loves being a part of this student chapter and the drive from the students in The Wildlife Society have the will to always keep going. If you talk to any of the students involved they will tell you how passionate they are about the group and how much Dr. Chevalier deserved this award.

Kylee Nissan is a senior involved in The Wildlife Society with a major in Wildlife Conservation.

“Dr. C won advisor of the year because of all the effort he puts into the program. He goes out of his way to ensure we meet professionals working in this field and can ask them relevant question” Nissan said. “ We are also able to get hands-on experience ourselves through the various events Dr. C helps organize.”

Katy Stratford is a junior involved in The Wildlife Society with a major in Wildlife Conservation as well.

“He does such a good job with letting the students run things and organize events and we know he will always be there to help when we need him to.”

All of the students in the chapter recognize how much Dr. Chevalier cares about the students and how much he deserved this award due to the efforts and care he puts into this student chapter and his work at Missouri Western. The dedication he has put in has not gone unseen with all of his hard work leading to this award for the second time.

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