Having seventeen years of direct clinical experience, over fifteen years of teaching experience and seven years of administrative experience, Dr. Pam Clary has been doing exceptional work for MWSU ever since August 2007.

Clary has lived in the St. Joseph region for a long time and was working on the front lines as a social worker at a branch for many different areas, having done that for twenty years. In 2007, the dean of Missouri Western at that time, reached out to Clary due to social department staff having left.

In her free time, Clary is also an Adverse Child Experiences (ACE) member. ACE focuses on creating safe communities where no child is exposed to adverse experiences. In order to join, she had to fill out an application, write about who she was and why she wanted the position, and her qualifications. Once accepted, she had three days of extensive zoom training. Day one was for the overall purpose of the study and their roles as ACE members. On day two she had to practice with given info and each participant was put into breakout rooms for practical application of training. Day three was meant for discussing where they were going to take this information.

Clary and her acquaintance Jean West were both chosen as recipients of the Global Rotary grant from the Rotary club. The grant allowed for thirty people to be trained as ACE members, with Clary and West being among them. Clary explained that what children are subjected to plays a large impact in their futures, which is why ACE is an essential program.

“Studies show that people being shown things as a child will grow up and act differently, such as an abusive drug-using parent, they could increase their child’s health risk,” Clary said. 

She would like to eventually start training people about ACE in hopes of changing kid’s lives for the better.

“There is a higher health risk if there are more ACE’s in a community, those ACE members have to help children against drugs, teen pregnancy, and other off-putting experiences,” Clary said. 

Clary hopes to present the information that they have gathered to the community and make it a healthier one. She is hoping to decrease the path of negative behaviors, hopefully decreasing negative mental and physical health, and eventually to stop negative cycles.

Clary has plans for more immediate social work programs, writing a self-study to hopefully get accredited again, to collect money for Change, Walk for The Homeless, as well as giving students the tools needed to help out and to be a program that is responsive to the community.

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