This past week Missouri Western esports teams were as busy as ever with their Overwatch team, League of Legends team and Fortnite team all competing for glory in tournaments against other colleges and universities.

Multiple Overwatch events were held this previous weekend with a preseason match for the collegiate championship.

This second preseason split pitted our Overwatch team against Northern Arizona's on Sunday night. The preseason consisted of multiple game modes including control where teams must keep their designated areas safe from the opposing team, and escort where the team must either protect their vehicle till it reaches the other side of the map or takes out the enemy's vehicle.

The match was a fun one to watch with the Missouri Westerns team putting up an intense push on Arizona's payload, with Hammond swinging and rolling around enemy defenses, while Reinhardt and the rest of the team pushed a heavy frontal assault. The team won the game 2-1 with Mcree earning play of the game for his high kill streak.

In addition to Arizona, the team previously faced off against the University of Vermont where they went into overtime winning 6-4 in a round of assault, that focuses on attacking the other team's members. The team also faced off this preseason against Mississippi State in another match of escort with a 3-2 victory.

On Nov. 12, the League of Legends Varsity team competed in the GGLeagues Semi-Finals against Ohio Northern University. Similar to the setup of Overwatch, League of Legends is a game where each team has five players focused on the goal of defeating the other team and protecting your team's crystal as every time it's destroyed the other team scores a point. Often referred to as LOL the game is slower-paced and focuses more on strategy with over 140 characters to choose from. Despite Missouri Western's tough defense, Ohio got a strong push halfway through the match scoring their team the first point and continued to play defensively till the bitter end. The match ended with Missouri Western losing 0-1.

Finally, Missouri Western's Fortnite team competed in week seven of playVS, where the varsity team goes up against 30 other teams making up 97 opponents from other colleges and universities around the country in the battle royale.

The team competed in seven rounds earning points per round depending on how long they survived. The team ended the event with 21 points surviving most rounds to the final 20 teams.

James Calhoun, the varsity Fortnite coach, shared that the team has really come together over the season.

“We're still working out the kinks, what works and what doesn’t,” Calhoun said. “For these guys not really knowing each other and just kind of getting together and playing for three months they've really improved and obviously we're still new and I think so far we're proving to be a really strong team.”

The esports program plans to continue to put in the practice and work to improve their teams as well as continuing to look at creating additional teams for video games that students are interested in.

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