Art Galery

Brittany Noreiga has multiple pieces displayed at this exhibit in Potter Hall.  Brittany Noriega has a variety of mediums displayed.  


Missouri Western’s art gallery exhibit has displayed many art pieces over the years, but one of the most exciting artists they have this semester is Brittany Noriega and her exhibit titled "Future Fables." Noriega explained her art display and her pieces at the gallery on her website.    


“Future Fables is a series of graphite drawings that explore the relationships between personal experiences, feminist theory, and which (if any) moral lessons will be carried into the future," Noriega said. “These drawings appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, and past and present fuse to create surreal statements about the lives of women and the ways in which we can build a better future for ourselves.”


Teresa Harris, a professor in the art department at Missouri Western University, expressed her excitement as Noriega brings her work to campus. She talked about the importance of students being able to see a variety of work and mediums.  


“The art exhibits in the art gallery are so important for the students to go explore and to physically be in the presence of a variety of artwork from a variety of artists, whether they're animators, designers, photographers, to have a sense of what's going on in the world in terms of all different types of disciplines," Harris said.


Artists are carefully selected based on their work and what the professors feel would be beneficial for people to see. Harris talked about the process of selecting Brittany and why they chose her.  


“Brittany brings to the campus a different perspective of different compositions," Harris said. "She also has some wonderful scale which is something that students need to be exposed to. I selected her because she exposes the students to drawing all the disciplines and degrees used.”


As things become more digital, the appreciation for art has declined. Harris discusseed the appreciation for artwork in this day and age.


“They need to see artists besides what they see on the internet, so I think it’s really important to bring artists to the gallery so they can see different types of work," Harris said.


Harris talked about the lack of art shows in the past couple of years since COVID-19 took a toll on the attendance of the exhibits.  


“We’ve been doing art exhibits forever," Harris said. "During COVID-19, we had to cut back because we weren't allowed to have any visitors come in. In January, we had our first student exhibit with senior projects. We try to have different disciplines and different techniques, We have flat work and dimensional we just try to have variety.”


Future Fables opened on Oct. 27 and will close on Dec. 4. The gallery is open to all students and the public for viewing.  

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