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With the end of the semester rapidly approaching the Griffon Esports program is hosting the Griffon Gaming Series. The event is being put on by the Missouri Western State University Griffon Gaming Moderation Team with a game being chosen each week for students to participate in challenges in. The GG Series consists of four weeks of gaming open to all students with participation earning GriffCoins and prizes.

This week's game going until April 11, is the popular racing game "Mario Kart 8" with the challenge of beating Max the Griffon’s lap time to earn GriffCoins. GriffCoins are redeemable points earned during gaming and by completing challenges that can be spent on prizes or used to enter in the big raffle for a gaming chair. In addition to beating Max the Griffons race times students can earn a spot in the 700-200 Griffon Cup tournament for a chance to win more coins by placing in the top 4 of racers on the leaderboard.

Esports director and Coach Christian Konczal explained the idea behind the Griffon Gaming Series.

“The Griffon Gaming Series was created by our volunteer moderators as a fun way to finish out the semester and with the goal of creating an event that hopefully everyone could participate in, not just competitive gamers.”

Following "Mario Kart 8", week two will consist of the popular survival, crafting game "Minecraft", week three will be the popular online game "Roblox" that consists of many different game modes, and the final week will feature the free to play shooter and battle royale "Call of Duty: Warzone" with the series ending May 2. Konczal explained that the games chosen are accessible for people of varying skills in gaming.

“We focused mostly on games that are easy to pick up by people of all skill levels and designed the challenges so that Griffons could participate from home or in the Arena; we've gone to great lengths to make it as easy as possible to include oneself without requiring undue commitment.” Konczal said. “We have some really exciting prize support provided to us by our sponsors and local St. Joseph businesses, so this is a great opportunity to show the campus community that the Blum Arena is a home for all Griffons, not just those interested in Esports!”

Among the hosts of the event is head of the week 3 "Roblox" event Darrin Brinks. Brinks stated that the event should be a good one for increasing student involvement in the program.

“Our 4 week event could really be a great way for students to come together. The event is run by the moderator team and our hopes are very high with trying to get more students engaged with esports.”

Students are encouraged to come check out the arena and participate in the Griffon Gaming Series to earn themselves some GriffCoins and have a fun time.

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