Missouri Western’s Department of Biology is hosting a Geography Awareness Week from Friday, November 12 to Saturday, November 20. Throughout the week multiple events will be hosted to inform the students of different aspects of geography and how they are important to the world and its citizens.

The first event for the week will be held Friday, November 12 at 11 AM in Agenstein 224. At this event Mayor Bill McMurray will be recognizing Geography Awareness Week as well as GIS Day. A professor from East Tennessee State University, Wil Tollefson will be sharing as well. This event is available online as well as in person. 

On Tuesday, November 16, an event will be held to help the Red Cross improve their maps in Remington 108 from 3 :00 pm to 4:30 pm. Wednesday’s event will be a celebration of GIS day in Agenstein 224 and 324, where participants will be able to listen to Dr. David Manning from the University of Nebraska speak, as well as Missouri Western student Konner Larkin. 

The final event of the week will be held on Thursday, November 18 in Agenstein 224. During this event, listeners will hear from undergraduate students at the University of Central Arkansas about some results from hands-on research. 

Missouri Western has hosted the Geography Awareness Week in the past few years to help inspire future geographers and inform all students of the different jobs and practices that they could do in their field of science and geography. 

Dr. Dawn Drake is in charge of the planning for the events during the week. She is a member of the biology department but teaches geography classes as well as other classes on similar topics. Dr. Drake recommends that students try to check out at least one event happening during Geography Awareness Week.

“It’s a good opportunity to find out more about geography. A lot of students don’t know a lot about geography if they haven’t taken one of the general studies courses. So it’s an opportunity to get exposed to and see different types of research.”

If students are interested in more service types of events, Dr. Drake recommends attending the mapathon event on Tuesday. If students are more interested in learning about other people’s research she recommends the event on Wednesday by professor David Manning from the University of Nebraska and Missouri Western student Konner Larkin or the event on Thursday by students from the University of Arkansas.

For more information about Geography Awareness Week see Dr. Drake or the flyer located on the bulletin boards.

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