In September of 2021, Chris Dunn was named the Missouri Western State University chief of staff for the University’s president, Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy.

Dunn grew up in the St. Joseph area and joined the Air Force after graduating high school. After getting out of the Air Force, he graduated from Northwest State University in 2003 when he was 32 years old. Before graduating with his bachelor’s degree he did an internship in Jefferson City where he developed an interest in public policy. 

Prior to joining the Missouri Western staff, Dunn worked as the chief of staff for the Missouri House Budget Committee Chairman. He worked for many different people while in that position as he worked with many of the members of the Missouri House of Representatives.

Dunn chose to come to Missouri Western because he was ready for a change and was offered a position here on campus. His favorite thing about being at Missouri Western so far is attending events and getting to know the students.

“The night before homecoming there was an event at the stadium, it was a rally. There was such enthusiasm coming from the students in the student group, and I was personally energized by that.”

So far during his time he has been employed by Missouri Western, Dunn had been working with Dr. Kennedy to make this school a better learning place for the students and a better working place for the staff. Dunn works closely with Dr. Kennedy to help her run the college in a way that is beneficial to the students, the staff and the surrounding community.

“Chris will be a tremendous leader on our campus, and his wealth of experience in Jefferson City will be a great asset in working with our partners at all levels of government,” Dr. Kennedy said upon Dunn’s arrival in late September. 

In addition, Dunn has been working with the Center for Military and Veteran Services as they are trying to get a director in place. He has also been meeting with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, as well as other representatives of the community. Dunn has hopes and plans for what Missouri Western State University could be and what it could mean to people in the future. 

“My plans are to help this be a special place for students and for employees. Whether that is advocating for the University in Jefferson City, whether it is part of partnering with charitable events, or whether it is having the best football team and basketball team.”

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