Lauren Bloodgood is a student attending Missouri Western, but when she's not in classes, she is working hard as the new Director of Student Involvement. She works with the SGA and with registered student organizations (RSOs) to make events run smoothly. Bloodgood coordinates with Josh Clary to keep students and organizations up to date with new regulations and rules.

Bloodgood chose to come to Missouri Western because she would have better opportunities to further her education in the direction that she desired. She enjoyed that she got to work with her professor in her first semester on an independent research project, an opportunity she might not have gotten had she chosen to attend another larger university. Bloodgood enjoys many different aspects about attending school at Western.

“My favorite part about being at Missouri Western is the atmosphere," Bloodgood said. "This is kinda my cop out answer, my real answer is everything. I love the staff, faculty, and students. Being in student government and a transition mentor has had me work closely with staff at MWSU and they are wonderful. They legitimately care about the campus and strive for better.”

Bloodgood’s main job in student government is to connect with the staff and students around campus. She talks to people about events and tries to get them involved with different activities and groups all over campus. She helps student organizations know about different events happening on campus throughout the year and helps them stay updated on COVID-19 regulations. Bloodgood has a few plans and goals she hopes to complete while she is the Director of Student Involvement. 

“My end goal is to get organizations out of the COVID funk," Bloodgood said. "After about 2 years of COVID messing up plans and changing how everyday life works, clubs and organizations need help getting back to normal.”

Bloodgood listens to and works with RSOs when they have complaints about things on campus. She works with the student leaders of the groups, as well as the university, to resolve the problems for all parties involved.

Bloodgood is very active on campus and she believes it has made her a better person, has let her get to know more people and make connections for the future. By becoming more involved on campus, students have a chance to create lifelong friendships and make connections that could help them in the future when they are trying to get a job.

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