COVID-19 has influenced Missouri Western State University students and staff since it began. Parker Williamson, a Convergent Journalism major, reached out to Missouri Western State University's Library Director, Sally Gibson, about the COVID-19 Experience page to start everything back up again and have submissions start rolling in. 

Students and staff can submit stories, journal entries, photos, art and recordings that show their experience during this time. The library will have these set up as an archive exhibit to be viewed. 

Williamson believes that everyone has a story to share about COVID-19 and wants to tell these stories that will always be a part of Missouri Western State University's history. 

“Personally, 2020 was a lonely time for me, and talking about the things I went through and realizing how many people felt the same way is healing,” Williamson said. “The pandemic will be remembered as a historic time, most likely taught to generations to come, and having accurate sources is a must. Basically, we've all been through something insane and our stories matter,” Williamson explained.

Sally Gibson is the Library Director at Missouri Western State University and is also looking forward to seeing the submissions that come in. 

“I think we've forgotten that at one time we were told to wipe our groceries down. Some of that's going to get lost, and we would like to collect those experiences. We want to know what your experience was like as Missouri Western students,” Gibson said.

Many students and staff also believe that it is important to capture what has been going on the last few years. 

Rob Bramer is a senior at Missouri Western State University and is majoring in Wildlife Conservation.

“It’s good to document our experiences with COVID-19 as a way to really get a written record of experiences that we’ve lived since COVID-19 has gone on and what we've learned about ourselves, our nation and our world,” Bramer said. “We continue to grow our knowledge of what humans do in times of strife, pain and suffering.”

Ideally, submitting your work will help document the history of what it was like in college during the COVID-19 pandemic and allow others to understand how everyone felt and what people went through. If you would like to submit your work, the following link will take you right to the google form: 

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