With 72 clubs to choose from, Missouri Western always has something to do, and if you're into films, this is the club for you.

Griffon Film Society, also known as GFS, is an open organization for anyone with interest in film, club member Maddie Spath explained.

" (GFS) is an organization where current students and alum can get together to discuss, create, and enjoy all things about film."

The current President of GFS, Noah Bollow, explained that he joined the group back in 2018.

"I first learned about GFS my freshman year. There was a meeting for the TCD (Theatre, Cinema, Dance) Department. I went to see what was going on, went to their club meeting following the event, and I have been attending ever since."

Bollow is serving his first term as President after having held the position of Vice President for two years. Bollow went on to explain he stuck with the program as he liked the environment of GFS.

"I love the sense of community. We (GFS) are just a group of people who love and appreciate movies. I've honestly met some of my best friends in GFS. Overall, GFS is just comfortable and a great environment to be in."

Bollow went on to describe some events that the club has planned for the semester.

"On Oct. 18, we have what is called a Grip Camp, which is going over the role of the film set from lights, and so much more. However, the biggest events that GFS does are our two film productions."

He explained that the Society produces four films, two per semester, that eventually will be shown at film festivals. Their first set date is on Nov. 19, and the second is on Dec. 3.

"The first is just a production of what we call interstitials which are like commercials for the film festival in between other productions being shown. The second one is known as the Member Film. It's where we highlight one script submitted into GFS." Bollow explained. "The members vote on the best one, and then that one becomes a film. During these sets, members get to experience different roles/jobs."

The GFS is always open to accepting new members from any department or major. Bollow gave the following message to anyone interested in GFS.

"GFS is open to anyone who enjoys film and who would like to gain experience on a deeper, academic level. We meet on Mondays at 6:30 in Kemper Theatre, located inside Spratt 101.

For more information regarding GFS, please contact President Noah Bollow at or Advisor Toby Lawrence at

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