With the prices rising rapidly for every day prices going up all the time, many people have to find opportunities to try and make more money, especially for those who are in college or have other important expenses to pay for. One of those opportunities is having a job to help pay for everything as well as gain experience. Luckily, Missouri Western offers campus jobs. 


A few of the student workers on campus gave some input as to what their jobs and experiences were like, giving honest answers to possibly curious students. Sara Poet, a junior who works at the Starbucks located in Blum’s Student Union, gave input on what her job was like, what she liked the most about it and what it was like to be stationed there.


Poet likes being able to be with her coworkers, having friends to work alongside with. “The paycheck is one of the best things,” she stated first, adding that she liked how the work schedule was flexible with her class schedule.


If a student were to apply for a job on campus, one of the things that's explained on the Missouri Western website is that students are eligible to work as many as 20 hours a week, and 37.5 during school break hours.


Poet said that she has gotten to meet all kinds of people through this job, both coworkers and customers and people from all over campus. Since she began work on campus, she added that one of the things she’s learned from being both a student and working on campus is “go to bed early, it’s saved me.”


Poet has also worked on her time management skills, something that will help both work and school issues. Poet said she often has to open in the mornings, so she has to set up priorities and deadlines in order to be successful.


If students are interested in working at Starbucks, Poet said that students could look forward to things like flexible and easy hours, patient coworkers, and free coffee.


If students are not interested in food, then there are other options, such as being an assistant or worker at the Baker Fitness Center. Emily Bowls, a sophomore who works at the front desk of the gym, also gave her input on what it was like to be a student and a worker.


Bowls said her favorite parts of the job are the people who come in from all over campus, and having the spare time in between tasks to do her homework. “It’s not a taxing job.” Bowls said, as she said it was a quiet and enjoyable environment.


Bowls said her usual tasks for her shifts in particular included: sitting at the front desk and checking people in, doing laundry, and any other chores she may be assigned and asked to do. Other than that, she gets the time to do her schoolwork and talk to people.


Bowls said she learned time management from having a campus job as well. Balancing school and work had her relying on her schedule and how she arranged things now.


Bowls said that if students were to work here, they could look forward to a laid-back job and tasks, time to do homework, and overall performing easy tasks and get paid while you do it.


For students who are interested in these jobs or any others on campus, check out the Missouri Western State University website and look at the page titled “On-Campus Employment.” From there, you can find the rules, requirements, instructions, and the link that can lead you to applying for a job.


Missouri Western has many options out there for students, even jobs that you may prefer based on your personality and interests. There’s something out there for everyone.

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