Something very unique about Missouri Western is the Bushman Planetarium in Agenstein Hall. The shows are returning this semester, and students and faculty can purchase tickets and find more information through the planetarium webpage. Dr. Brian Bucklein and Jerry Wilkerson are in charge of the planetarium shows and are excited for students and faculty to get involved.

Bucklein spoke about the schedule planetarium shows tend to follow.

“Generally, we start off with a short segment that covers kind of the basics, the constellations, and other objects you might see in the night sky this time of year,” Bucklein said. “Then we run the main show. If it’s a shorter show, we will combine the two shows together, and then normally we wrap up the show with a space roller coaster.” 

Students and faculty can expect to learn something new and educational while at the school, and the show will have people returning. On Thursday, Oct. 20, the planetarium showed “Hubble Vision 2" and "Sunstruck.” 

Steve Potter and Kathleen Holeman were two attendees at the show. Potter spoke about his favorite part of the night.

"I think the Hubble, for me, was the best product one," Potter said. "But the rollercoaster is fun, too, at the end."

Potter went on to explain that he had been to several shows in the past. He praised the planetarium and the productions they host.

"I think this is a great thing that they [Missouri Western] has on campus," Potter said.

Kathleen Holeman expressed that this had been the second show she had seen in the Bushman Planetarium and said she would definitely return in the future.

The planetarium is open to all students, faculty, and the public, not just students already in astronomy or other science-related classes.

“The Planarian is something I use in my Astronomy classes a lot. It helps students get an overview of what we are going to cover in more detail in lectures,” Bucklien said. “But it also gives us a way for students who aren’t taking astronomy but might be interested in space or biology or any of the other topics we might have shows on to really come and see what courses we have that are available, get some more information on those subjects and maybe decide to take astronomy in the future.” 

The Bushman Planetarium offers fantastic opportunities to get in-person learning experiences. Missouri Western has other great opportunities and resources for students on campus. For more information and ticket details, you can visit the webpage

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