Last semester the University informed the campus about a planned transition of the original Missouri Western and MWSU guest Wi-Fi to the new ResNet internet. Since the change, however, students and staff have been experiencing internet issues around campus.

The goal of ResNet internet is to achieve an upgraded and more efficient Wi-Fi with fewer issues for devices. ResNet internet is a popular choice on college and university campuses. Unfortunately, students in residence halls, in addition to other spots on campus, have not been experiencing the best of luck with their Wi-Fi.

One of the dorm students, Diamond Marshall, shared his experience with ResNet in Juda Hall.

“It’s like we had to go through a lot to just set it up and get connected," Marshall said. "Now, with the new Wi-Fi, I'm having more issues than what I had with the old MWSU Wi-Fi,”

Some students in Juda Hall reported having called IT & Technology on multiple occasions about having the Wi-Fi constantly disconnecting from their phones and devices.

“When we had the Wi-Fi shut down in the whole school a couple of weeks ago, it was the same day I had to do an online exam,” says Marshall.

Scanlon hall has faced similar issues to the students in Juda hall. The Wi-Fi connection is sometimes disconnected as students travel between different buildings. To solve the problem, they often have to either start over or disconnect their phone from the Wi-Fi and turn it back on again to connect.

Diamond Marshall explained the effect the Wi-Fi has had in his classes and his day to day.

“Luckily, our professors are aware of the Wi-Fi issues, so they are becoming more understanding and lenient. Professors around the campus have been extending deadlines due to the Wi-Fi, due to the fact the Wi-Fi problem is not just a residence hall issue but a main campus issue as well," Marshall said. "Professors and faculty have had similar encounters as students in halls."

Interim Chief Information Officer, David Hinson, explained that while there is no current date when the Wi-Fi will run more smoothly, they are doing all they can to ensure the Wi-Fi is improved before midterms.

“As of now, we are still unaware when the Wi-Fi should start running more smoothly, hopefully, the sooner, the better for students as midterms are slowly approaching."

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