Missouri Western State University will be holding the MORISE event on March 15, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Blum Student Union rooms, 218 and 219. This event is a place for students to meet and network with STEM professionals and students from surrounding areas. 

Here, students can meet potential employers and allow employers to meet potential employees involved with science, technology and engineering. This event focuses on preparing students to enter the workforce, connecting them with internships and networking their future. This will be the ninth year the event is held for the University to try to provide a chance to impact the student's future. 

Chair and professor in the Chemistry department, Dr. Mike Ducey, encourages students to register and participate in the upcoming event.

“It's a low stakes opportunity as well because we have alumni who come in, and it’s really easy to start that professional networking conversation because you have so much in common right out of the gate.”

You can register for this event through the Handshake Portal. You can access this through the student services tab on Missouri Western's website after clicking for more information on the MORISE event.

Nursing major, Olivia Futrell, sees this as a good opportunity for her to attend, even though her major is not categorized as science. 

“It is important to network with future employers even if they don’t exactly line up with my major,” Futrell said. “It will open up opportunities and maybe even lead me down a different path of employment if I find out information about something and end up liking that more.” 

Even if it doesn’t line up directly with your career path, broadening your options and learning more about other fields can be beneficial for some. If it does line up with your major you should think about registering for this event.

Kelsey Gillenwater is a wildlife conservation major and is excited to see what employers come to the event.

“I would like to see someone that represents the conservation department, such as fisheries, conservation agents and the education division,” Gillenwater said. “I would want to go so I can make positive connections with potential future employers, especially since I plan to graduate this semester.”

It’s never too early to start working and getting more information on options you can have in the future. Register online today through Handshake so that you can take steps toward your future career with future employers at

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