Last Friday April 21, from 10-12 p.m., the Missouri Western State University’s Applied Learning Center hosted the “From Production to Promotion: Media, Film and Design Exhibition” event.


Dr. Mike Ducey, Vice Provost, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Griffon Office of Applied Learning, hosted the event.


“There are multiple facets involved,” said Dr. Ducey, “This event allows students to share their work and explain the field.”


Though these events are not mandatory within most bachelors degree programs, this does not limit nor fully comprise the definition of applied learning here at MWSU.


The Griffon Office of Applied Learning is involved with not only in-class academic curriculum applications, but also field trips, field work, internships, leadership, mentored research, performances, clinical practice, service-learning, student teaching and more.


The Griffon Office of Applied Learning is directed by Dr. Ducey and assisted by Jessica Frogge.


The event involved film, media and design publications and a vast-array of collegiate-level researched student content. 


In the atrium, Griffon Media and the Griffon Publishing House and Griffon University provided informational exhibits and showcased their Spring semester presentations.


Cinematic Performing Arts major Blake Elder provided accounts for his multimedia Griffon Publishing House and Griffon University projects.


“Students need to take advantage of the applied learning opportunities,” said Elder. “It helps provide experience with hands-on learning applications.”


Elder has been involved with his department documenting “Harry Potter” and its content from a philosophical standpoint, as well as business commercial advertising here in St. Joseph.


In the Fulkerson Center, dozens of students gathered in casual to semi-formal attire, displaying their Spring research.


Jordan Klaassen, enrolled in a dual-major of psychology and history, was one of the students presenting his applied research findings.


Klaassen documented grade point average changes involved with the COVID epidemic. He conducted his research with individual representation from Dr. Deka with the Department of Psychology.


Referring to the applied learning element assisting with academic success while in college, Klaassen mentioned: “The importance of incorporation and implementation of the research done.”


Most fields of research and MWSU departments were present at the event.


Every Friday, which are known as “Gold Fridays” for the campus, students are given the opportunity to engage in this type of applied learning, academic enrichment experience and social event.

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