Ribbon Cutting

President Elizabeth Kennedy prepares to cut the ribbon in front of the entrance of the new respiratory wing. Many were in attendance of the event on Nov. 10, 2022 to celebrate the official opening of the wing. 

Missouri Western hosted the respiratory wing ribbon cutting ceremony in the new wing and second floor of Murphy Hall Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the afternoon. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was full of community members who are looking forward to seeing the impact the new wing will have on the students, community and medical field. 

The ceremony included guest community speakers that shared the importance of this new wing and the benefits that will come with the program in all aspects. 

 Kasey DuVall, a junior at Missouri Western State University, is one of four students in the program this first semester of having respiratory therapy offered on campus. 

“It really prepares you for clinicals," DuVall said. "So you aren’t super overwhelmed when you first show up because you’ve already seen everything in person before you go.”

The Respiratory Therapy wing is an incredible tool for the students to use while the students are in clinicals. Currently, the students in this program have been in clinicals for three weeks. 

“It’s [the respiratory therapy wing] great. So we go across the hall into the classroom and we learn the material and then we come over into the lab and we actually act it out. It’s kind of like a simulator sort of, and it’s super helpful,” DuVall stated. 

After the program and speakers, guests in attendance at the ceremony were able to tour the new wing as well as fellowship with one another with refreshments. Guests walked through each scenario room, the classroom and lounge room located in the wing.

“In the rooms there are adult ICU, pediatric ICU, neonatal ICU, and then there is also emergency medicine,” KuVall shared.

Senior Nursing students at Missouri Western, Kate Andrew and Kaylee Schaeffer, volunteered to help demonstrate how one of the rooms worked throughout the ceremony to the participants. Schaeffer spoke about what she hopes the future will hold.

“Moving forward, I think the goal is to try to, let’s say, have relationships set up during the semesters where we can actually call our team [the nursing department] to get down there like a partnership," Schaeffer said.

Missouri Western Nursing Department and the new Respiratory Therapy Program will be able to collaborate on clinical-like scenarios before experiencing them in real-life situations. Much like how a hospital is set up, they will be able to call teams of each department to their crisis situation to help each other.

The new simulation labs also can record the students in the labs so that professors and the students can watch afterward to reflect and understand what improvements and changes needed to be made to better serve patients in real scenarios. 

“They’re able to record head to toe simulations and different sectors during recovery which is nice because in the past, teachers would have to sit there and watch every single one but now we report it and nervousness for students is much better,” Andrew explained.

Both Respiratory and Nursing students will be able to utilize the new simulation labs to be able to better prepare themselves for real-world experiences in the future that are quite frankly more predominant since COVID-19. 

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