Homecoming is right around the corner, and the festivities begin Monday and continue throughout the week. The week is packed full of Griffon festivities and spirit. Missouri Western students look forward to celebrating their school and the plethora of activities and events. 

Alexis Shipley, a sorority member, talked about how much she is looking forward to a week with a lot of student involvement planned. She also spoke about how homecoming is a time when everyone comes together for a common purpose.

“I am most excited for not only spending time with my sorority sisters but also getting to spend time with everyone else on campus," Shipley said. "I’m just ready to celebrate and to attend all the events they have planned for us.”

Arusha Razi, a Missouri Western student, mentioned bingo night, one of the many activities planned for homecoming week. She explained the school is hosting the event following the success of the bingo night that happened during the first week of classes when students arrived in August. 

“We will be having a bingo night because it was such a big hit during the first week of school," Razi said. "The Griffon Activities Program will be putting on the event.”

Razi gave a quick overview of some of the activities and events that will occur in the upcoming week. 

“We are also going to have an intramural flag football game between faculty and students," Razi said. "There will be ten faculty members versus ten students. It’ll be really fun. We are also doing an awareness day on Thursday with the Center for Service as we will be doing a campus beautification. We will be walking around campus cleaning up and then I’m pretty sure that the dean of students will draw a gift card so all students that participate in that.”

Among the many activities, there are more exciting ones to come. Razi spoke about the highlight of the week: the Greatest Showman circus, which will perform on campus. 

“Thursday night we will be having a little circus with the people from the Greatest Showman," Razi said. "They will be performing in Fulkerson and I think it'll be really fun because they are just amazing.”

This year, Griffon students went to downtown St. Joseph and decorated the storefronts of small businesses for the upcoming homecoming parade. Shipley explained how she has always enjoyed the event. 

“I’m mostly looking forward to the parade," Shipley said. "My hometown has a huge parade every homecoming and it’s always something I have looked forward to, and I’m ready to bring that same excitement to homecoming at my college.”

Sam Taylor is a football player at Missouri Western and talked about the homecoming activities and what he is looking forward to the most. 

“The movie night and the food truck event I am really excited to go to," Taylor said. "I know the food truck will have some great food. I also think watching the flag football game against faculty and students will be fun to watch them go at it.” 

Students are encouraged to show their appreciation and Griffon spirit this week for homecoming.

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