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By: Parker Williamson In this week’s National Recap we take a look at Warren’s poll progress, wall building funds and the war on assault weapons. Warren pulled ahead of Biden in the recent Iowa poll In the latest Iowa poll, Senator Elizabeth Warren took at two-point lead over Joe Biden. This is the first time […] READ MORE National Recap #2

By: Parker Williamson Last week in the news, e-cigarettes, election battles and electronic innovation spread across national headlines.   Link between e-cigarettes and deaths/lung damage After six recent deaths related to e-cigarettes and vaping, President Donald Trump and other government officials are considering putting limitations on e-cigarette products. Trump’s proposed ban would rid the market of […] READ MORE National Recap in News

When people think about the rising cost of college education, they assume tuition costs are the main culprit. What they may not know is the extensive and often hidden department program fees are usually responsible. College students pay thousands of dollars in tuition each year, which often forces them to take out loans. However, many […] READ MORE Hidden Departmental Fees of College

By:Dayton Bissett A bill that allows faculty to conceal and carry on campus just passed legislature. House Bill 575, if passed, will potentially allow certain staff members who get proper training and are approved by the Department of Public Safety to conceal and carry on campus. Risk manager on campus, Tim Kissock, gives his viewpoint […] READ MORE Conceal and Carry on Campus

Missouri’s presidential primary may not be until March, but its neighbor to the north voted Monday night and the votes are in. In the 2016 Presidential Iowa Caucus, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won his party’s caucus with 28% of the vote. Finishing in second and third place for the Republicans was Donald Trump with 24% […] READ MORE Cruz and Clinton Win Iowa Caucus

In compliance with upcoming federal changes to Title IX, the university has implemented new policies regarding discrimination. Title IX discrimination refers to sex discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, gender identity, and failure to conform to stereotypical notions of femininity and masculinity. Legislation Today Title IX refers to a section of the federal Educations Amendments […] READ MORE Western Cracks Down on Sexual Harassment

Dr. Gerise Herndon will be coming to Missouri Western State University as a guest speaker to talk to the students about post-conflict Rwanda  and the recovery. Herndon will be arriving on March 2 to teach the students of Western’s campus. Herndon became an expert in the case of Rwanda years ago when she met a French professor […] READ MORE Healing in Rwanda; What we can Learn

For as long as many can remember, questions about homosexuality and its relation to the Bible have surfaced. On Oct. 29, three local church affiliates joined a crowd of questioning faces to discuss how LGBT and faith collide. The panel consisted of Steven Andrews, pastor at Parkville Presbyterian Church; Brian Kirk, pastor at First Christian […] READ MORE LGBT & Faith panel

One Missouri Western student was selected for the opportunity to serve in the 2012 political process. Ellis Cross, news editor for the Griffon News, was selected by fellow Republicans to serve as an alternate delegate for the National Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla., last month. The trip was more than just a moment for Cross to meet […] READ MORE Living the American political process through the eyes of a student

  Republican National Convention began this morning with excitement since yesterdays events were canceled due to the tropical storms. Ellis Cross, News Editor for the Griffon News is in Tampa, Florida this week covering the Republican National Convention. He spent much of today shooting photos, videos, and speaking to numerous guest about the the Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Cross […] READ MORE GOP convention creates mixed emotions between convention guest

The college republicans have different views of the Republicans candidates running for President, but they all agree that they want anyone but Obama.  The officers of the College Republicans have made their picks for President of the United States to go against President Obama this fall. Each officer of the organization has chosen a different […] READ MORE College Republicans talk issues

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After speaking at the Eggs and Issues event held Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. in Fulkerson Center, retired U.S. diplomat William Armbruster said, “As … READ MORE Eggs and Issues

After speaking at the Eggs and Issues event held Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. in Fulkerson Center, retired U.S. diplomat William Armbruster said, “As I looked out on the crowd I saw the minefield.” He was referring to his presentation, “The Middle East- Then and Now,” where he saw members of the Muslim mosque, United States […] READ MORE Eggs and Issues

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To some people, the tragic earthquake in Haiti may seem like an issue millions of miles away. But for long-time Western employee Andrew McGarrell, the incident hit much closer to home. McGarrell, a cataloging librarian at Missouri Western for 22 years, lost his only sibling—Flores McGarrell—in the Haitian earthquake on Jan. 12. Thirty-five-year-old “Flo” was […] READ MORE Haiti tragedy hits close to home

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If you sneezed at the event featuring Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, a dozen well-trained eyes sharply focused on you. Biden was well protected when he delivered his campaign speech to a crowd of approximately 1,200 people on Oct. 9, in the M.O. Looney Complex. Security was in full force as local law […] READ MORE Looney locks down for VP visit

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A long line of students, faculty and others anxiously waited to see Obama’s vice presidential candidate for the first time in person. The entire campus had been talking about his arrival since Tuesday night, when everyone first learned he would be coming on Thursday. Aside from the group of protestors standing outside with signs, people […] READ MORE Students react to VP speech

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She was a high school homecoming queen, and he starred in the 2007 flick “The Assassination of Jesse James.” She is a Libertarian Individualist who served as a political director for President George H. Bush’s re-election campaign in 1992, while he served as Clinton’s. They were married shortly after that election.  The two political rivals […] READ MORE Couple Commentators enlighten crowds

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The dust of Virginia Tech has settled, however, the minds of students, parents, faculty and administrators across the nation have not. READ MORE Western mourns