Phi Beta

Phi Beta Lambda is the collegiate level of the organization Future Business Leaders of America. By joining PBL, students can gain a general understanding of how businesses run, learn about entrepreneurship, franchising, marketing, management, public speaking, and much more through state-wide and national competitive events. 

Recently, PBL and FBLA hosted the Show-Me Leadership conference at the Tivoli Music Hall at Worlds of Fun, where students had the opportunity to participate in behind-the-scenes activities for the Halloween Haunt, listen to guest speakers and meet other students through leadership events. Missouri Western PBL members Madi Taylor, the VP of Community Service, and Blake Goforth, PBL’s Secretary, attended the event. Taylor explained how she felt the conference went.

“The conference was fun and my favorite part was getting to hear the workers talk about how they got to this point in their careers. A lot of them have had the opportunity to travel to several countries for their job… I learned that there is more that goes into a park like Worlds of Fun than what meets the eye.”

Missouri Western’s PBL Chapter has had many opportunities for its members to travel, while still being safe during the pandemic. Last year, the organization got to have a fundraiser with the Aspen Leaf Yogurt Company and help do some handiwork for low-income housing projects in the local community. Goforth went on to explain how it’s one of his favorite parts of being in PBL.

“My favorite part about being in PBL is probably all the things we get to do. I love competing but we are doing more than just that. We get to actually help our community and learn how to do things in the real world. For example, I’m the Secretary of PBL so I’m in charge of all the notes for our meetings, but last year I was treasurer. I like being able to experience roles like this on a smaller scale compared to the real world.”

Currently, PBL is having meetings once a month so that students have the flexibility to participate. Their upcoming meeting on November 1st at 5:30P.M. in Popplewell 202 and if anyone has any questions, they can feel free to email President Caden Brown at President Brown told how PBL is a great experience for anyone to give a shot.

“Phi Beta Lambda is a great opportunity for students to put themselves out there and meet new students, even if you have a busy schedule. PBL is open to anyone who would like to join and our advisor Pam Klaus is amazing! When I was a freshman, I never thought I would be very active on campus but I really enjoy being in PBL.”

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