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On March 16 the university was graced with having free speech activist Mary Beth Tinker meet via Zoom to tell her life story of fighting for the first amendment and the right of students free speech throughout her life. The free speech event was held by the Society for Collegiate Journalist … READ MORE Fighting for free speech

By: Parker Williamson Missouri Western’s Student Government Association has released an executive agenda for the 2019-2020 school year. SGA hosted a town hall Monday night kicking off SGA week. The email announcing SGA week was sent out on Monday at 12:25pm, 85 minutes after the first event listed was to start.  Six hours later SGA […] READ MORE SGA releases new executive agenda

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By: Christian Sarna In times where fear itself can look like a strong opponent, what is worth striving for? According to convocation speaker Jon Meacham, we should strive for impacts of all sizes. A historian with a diverse range of accomplishments, Meacham spoke about America’s historical potential to move beyond division for the 26th annual […] READ MORE Convocation: making an impact

By:Dayton Bissett A bill that allows faculty to conceal and carry on campus just passed legislature. House Bill 575, if passed, will potentially allow certain staff members who get proper training and are approved by the Department of Public Safety to conceal and carry on campus. Risk manager on campus, Tim Kissock, gives his viewpoint […] READ MORE Conceal and Carry on Campus

By: Parker Williamson On Tuesday evening an event called “Free Speech vs. Hate Speech” took place in Spratt 205. Dr. Melinda Kovács was the first speaker. She explained the Bill of Rights specifically the First Amendment and what that means in today’s world. She said that other countries have laws against hate speech and the […] READ MORE Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

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Stephen Webber, chair of the Missouri Democratic party, will visit campus on March 8 at 7 p.m. in Kemper Hall. The event is sponsored by The Griffon News and Missouri Western’s Politics Club with the support of the United Democratic Club of NW MO. Advisor of the politics club Edwin Taylor said the event is […] READ MORE Stephen Webber to come to campus

Alec Guy and Connor Samenus ere announced as the winners of the heated 2016 SGA presidential election, over presidential candidate Brad Stanton and running mate Haden McDonald, Friday March 4. The results came after a controversial election committee hearing that deliberated five discrepancies alleged by the Stanton/McDonald campaign. The vote, Guy/Samenus, 263, Stanton/McDonald, 216, came […] READ MORE Guy/Samenus win heated election, found “in violation” of 2 of 5 election discrepancies

Missouri’s presidential primary may not be until March, but its neighbor to the north voted Monday night and the votes are in. In the 2016 Presidential Iowa Caucus, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won his party’s caucus with 28% of the vote. Finishing in second and third place for the Republicans was Donald Trump with 24% […] READ MORE Cruz and Clinton Win Iowa Caucus

As the Missouri Legislature is resuming their sessions, two proposed House Bills have the potential to change on-campus life next year for Missouri Western students. House Bills 2098 and 2099 were introduced last week for debate in the Missouri General Assembly. House Bill 2098 proposes that all state universities no longer require freshmen to live on campus […] READ MORE Housing Bills

This semester Western has seen a slight drop in residential life. Approximately 150 to 200 students will leave on-campus housing from the fall semester to the spring.  According to Director of Residential Life Nathan Roberts, shifts in housing numbers are to be expected from fall to spring semester. “There is… always a drop from fall […] READ MORE Housing numbers

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As the Missouri Legislature is resuming their sessions, two proposed House Bills have the potential to change on-campus life next year for Mis… READ MORE Housing Bills

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This semester Western has seen a slight drop in residential life. Approximately 150 to 200 students will leave on-campus housing from the fall… READ MORE Housing numbers

Former Congressmen Bill Sarpalius, D-Texas, and Steven Kuykendall, R-California, were invited to campus Thursday as part of Western’s celebration of Constitution Day. While on campus, the Griffon News sat down with the two politicians to interview them about their time as representatives and their opinions about politics today.   What would you consider your most […] READ MORE Questioning Congress: Rep. Bill Sarpalius, D-Texas, Rep. Steven Kuykendall, R-California

In compliance with upcoming federal changes to Title IX, the university has implemented new policies regarding discrimination. Title IX discrimination refers to sex discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, gender identity, and failure to conform to stereotypical notions of femininity and masculinity. Legislation Today Title IX refers to a section of the federal Educations Amendments […] READ MORE Western Cracks Down on Sexual Harassment

The Student Government Association has several big decisions on their plate for this semester, but none of those have the potential repercussions or the benefits as the decision of what to do with the $672,000 raised through the Student Success Act. The Student Success Act, or SSA, states that it is “student approved fees” and […] READ MORE SSA Committee to meet on new proposal

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) have been around for many years without a probable cure. HIV is a particular virus that weakens the immune system by destroying cells that fight infection–T-cells and CD4 cells. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome occurs when your immune system becomes deficient. According to AIDS.gov, “AIDS is syndrome, rather […] READ MORE AIDS activist discusses importance of finding cure

For as long as many can remember, questions about homosexuality and its relation to the Bible have surfaced. On Oct. 29, three local church affiliates joined a crowd of questioning faces to discuss how LGBT and faith collide. The panel consisted of Steven Andrews, pastor at Parkville Presbyterian Church; Brian Kirk, pastor at First Christian […] READ MORE LGBT & Faith panel

Western held a congressional debate on Tuesday, Oct. 14 where students could ask candidates questions about their position on important subjects. Dr. W.A. (Bill) Hedge and Russ Monchill are both running for Missouri 6th District of the United States Congress. Dylan Gibson, a political science major, had a big hand in organizing the debate. “Politics […] READ MORE Western hosts congressional debate

Due to new legislation and changes to old understandings, one local politician has taken it upon herself to help educate Missouri college campuses regarding sexual violence. As part of her “Claire on Campus’ tour, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill visited Missouri Western to speak to administrators, faculty members and students about sexual assault. She made her visit on […] READ MORE Senator visits Western

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” Above is a quote from Title IX, a law passed in 1972 that, by definition, requires gender equity […] READ MORE The living, breathing law: Title IX

College Republicans and Democrats pulled the trigger on gun control debate a symposium hosted by the groups on Thursday, April 10. Jonathan Euchner, assistant professor of political science at Missouri Western, served as a monitor for the debate at in Spratt Education Hall. Panelists Edwin Taylor, assistant professor of political science, Steven Greiert, professor of […] READ MORE Professors clash at political science gun symposium

Missouri Western’s Board of Governors on Thursday outlined a plan to either freeze — or raise — undergraduate tuition next year, depending on the budget adopted by the Missouri General Assembly. In order to keep tuition rates the same as the current year, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s budget proposal, which would increase funding to Western […] READ MORE No tuition increase?

  The Jews were indignantly oppressed by the severe and sometimes illegitimate taxation of the Roman Augustus, but for good reason. The Roman tax code was as complex (if not more complex) than the current American tax is today, with “special taxes” that would be collected, more or less, depending on specific contingencies of the […] READ MORE Pay to Caesar, what is Caesar’s

When considering Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s appropriation plan for higher education, Missouri Western officials say a look under the hood may be in order. Nixon is calling for $34 million for higher education. Missouri Western could receive a boost of 3.4 percent after meeting certain criteria. Dr. Robert Vartabedian, university president, said the problem is […] READ MORE Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s Appropriation plan shows increase towards Higher Education

One Missouri Western student was selected for the opportunity to serve in the 2012 political process. Ellis Cross, news editor for the Griffon News, was selected by fellow Republicans to serve as an alternate delegate for the National Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla., last month. The trip was more than just a moment for Cross to meet […] READ MORE Living the American political process through the eyes of a student

  Republican National Convention began this morning with excitement since yesterdays events were canceled due to the tropical storms. Ellis Cross, News Editor for the Griffon News is in Tampa, Florida this week covering the Republican National Convention. He spent much of today shooting photos, videos, and speaking to numerous guest about the the Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Cross […] READ MORE GOP convention creates mixed emotions between convention guest