Angela Haas

Angela Haas is an associate professor at Missouri Western State University. Haas specializes in European History and spends her time conducting research when she is not working with students and teaching classes. 

Haas has taught at multiple different schools, including Binghamton University, the University of Maine and Kenyon College. She chose to come to Missouri Western for the size of the school and to focus on teaching with small class sizes. Her favorite part of teaching at Missouri Western is the students. 

Haas first got into history when she was in high school when she found a passion for looking into the past. She chose to become a teacher because she wanted to work with students and keep on learning for the rest of her life. With a love of history and a love of traveling, she decided to focus on European history.

“In college, I became really interested in world travel, so I always especially enjoyed learning about places and cultures outside the U.S. I spent many years studying French, which was my minor in college, so in graduate school studying European history came quite naturally.”

In addition to teaching college classes, Haas also enjoys traveling as part of her research and for fun. One of her favorite spots to visit is upstate New York, also her hometown. While New York is one of her favorite places to visit out of the whole world, one place she still wishes to visit in the future is Turkey.

“I’ve been to over 40 states and 6 continents. Some of my most recent trips were to Tanzania, Peru, and Vietnam. I studied abroad in Australia as an undergraduate and I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe for both work and pleasure.”

Haas spends free time researching French history and finding interesting bits of information primarily from the 18th century. 

“My research focuses on the history of medicine, religion, and print culture in eighteenth-century France. My most recent publications have focused on medical marvels, stories of people whose bodies were reported to spontaneously produce rocks, needles, animals, and other objects, and how the medical profession, which was just starting to emerge at the time, tried to debunk these reports.”

For any students interested in the history of Europe Dr. Haas is offering a variety of classes for the next semester. Some of these classes she will be teaching in the spring semester include Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe: 1789 to Present, and European Colonial and Imperial.

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