On Saturday, October 8, Missouri Western announced the homecoming royalty winners. These students are selected based on honorable qualities and character. Students represent their organizations, clubs, and departments. The 2022 homecoming candidates at Missouri Western State University offer traits beyond their student responsibilities and requirements. 


Lauren Bloodgood, a senior at Missouri Western, was elected as the 2022 homecoming queen. Bloodgood is a very active student at the university. She serves as the vice president of the student government, a member of TriBeta, an independent researcher with a professor, a transition mentor, and a member of the Lego Club. 


Bloodgood said that her favorite homecoming event was the talent show. She also explained what she hopes to offer the students of Missouri Western.


“I want to empower students to achieve their academic and career goals while facilitating an engaging learning environment,” Bloodgood said.


Connor Norris was another candidate in the Missouri Western homecoming royalty court. Norris is a senior at Missouri Western State University. Norris was nominated on behalf of his fraternity chapter Alpha Sigma Pi and is the vice president of New Member Education. 


Norris said he enjoys homecoming because it brings alumni back to campus and allows current students to reconnect with them and listen to their experiences post-graduation. He shared that this also allows current students to share how they have continued to improve what alumni started.


Norris strives to leave an impact at Missouri Western by showing the members of his fraternity to represent their motto, “To be the better man.” He tries to show the members of Alpha Sigma Pi how to treat others on campus so that when he comes back for homecoming as an alumnus, he can see his fraternity flourishing.


Alexis Shipley is a student at Missouri Western that is also a royalty candidate for the 2022 homecoming. Shiply represented her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and serves as the marketing chair and creates content for their Instagram page.


Shipley explained her reason for running for royalty. 


"It is a fun way to be involved on campus and help represent my sisterhood in Alpha Gam," Shipley said.


Shipley also works at the local hospital as a tech. Shipley said she strives to make an impact by contributing to the name of Missouri Western.


“I want to graduate nursing school and be able to help be one of the people who contribute to the idea of Missouri Western having a great nursing program that makes great nurses for the medical field,” Shipley said. 


Kennedie Meadows, another student, also represented Missouri Western as a royalty candidate this year. Meadows is the president of Alpha Sigma Alpha at the university. She also helps with the transition mentor jobs on campus for incoming students. 


Meadows talked about why she loves homecoming week at Missouri Western. 


“I love everything about homecoming and getting to hang out and get involved with a lot of different students on campus," Meadows said. "I also like getting to be with my sorority sisters all week working on homecoming stuff.”


Meadows spoke about how she hopes to impact Missouri Western by encouraging students to get involved and grow at the university. 


“I just want our campus to grow and students to really get involved because we have so many amazing clubs and organizations on campus that help students get connected in so many ways," Meadows said. "There is something here for everyone."


Missouri Western has something for everyone, and students at Missouri Western are guaranteed to be impacted by the royalty candidates. The 2022 homecoming royalty at Missouri Western State University spotlights the character, charm, and qualities that the campus and its community offer. 

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